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Guidelines for Gallery Artwork

The iScribble Gallery is an area where you can showcase your drawings which can then be commented and rated on by the community. Users also have the ability to view the replay of the published pieces and are able to disable/enable their replays.
The gallery has various sections with different requirements depending on the category. Drawings that are published are looked over by Administrators, Power Users, and users with +G rights.

Fun Doodles

This is a temporary category in the gallery. This section only holds 8 pages and old drawings are removed and deleted, n.b. We do not recover drawings that have been deleted. This category can be used for viewing your WIPs (Works in Progress), publishing your sketches, doodles and if you are moving your drawing to the sketchbook (currently you are unable to publish straight to the sketchbook). Note that drawings must be non-mature, but otherwise have no other requirements.

Fun Doodles is an area specifically for doodles, sketches, WIPs (Works in Progress), as drawings are deleted after sometime. It is recommended as a restricted user to request your drawing to be moved to a sketchbook or (if it meets requirements 1 and 2) moved to Category Proposal. Fun Doodles is also the default category where drawings are moved to if rejected from Category Proposal.


You are provided with 8 sketchbook slots once you reach "Regular" status. This can be expanded through donations and is often provided as a prize during official iScribble competitions. The drawings of this category are publicly viewable and must be non-mature, but otherwise have no other requirements.

Mature Category

All published drawings containing mature content must be placed in the mature category.

The mature category is monitored by moderators and is subject to the same rules and guidelines as all other submissions. Drawings that do not meet the requirements outlined under "Category Proposal" will be deleted.

Category Proposal

This category is the proposal area for your drawing. From here your piece will be looked over by Admins, Power Users and +G users. For your drawing to be accepted and moved to the appropriate category there are requirements that must be met.

1. Completeness

Unfinished parts must be removed or undone.

2. Quality

The quality of the drawing should be comparable to other drawings in their respective categories.

3. Concept

There should be a concept or theme throughout the whole drawing.

Published drawings that are not yet finished or contain doodles, drawing games, or OC boards will not be accepted into the gallery. Your sketchbook may be used to store any of these drawings. Offensive pieces and hardcore pornography are not permitted anywhere on iScribble.net. See FAQ's for more information.

Tips and Extra Information

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