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Gender female
Birthdate June 17, 1989
Registered since June 17, 2008
Rank Regular User
Total segments in the gallery 765K
Number of contributions 22
User information Well i'm Ida .. tablet user.. um that's all u gotta know for now.

--Something I've realized from being on this site lately: There are some very nasty, mean people here. That is all.

since this is a trend here

ida: what's that choking help thingy called?
JoseCuervo: CPR
ida: not that one
iPwnz: heimilch manuver
ida: yea that
inc: masturbation

lost draws gun
lost: theres only room here for one of us =.=
Sonic6000 hides behind protective armour
ida runs into saloon
Kamakiri resumes playing cards and deals
kngcalvn takes out his modern machine gun
lost signed out.

lest.free: T_T i want two minute noodles
Ida: i thought u just had some
lest.free signed out.

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