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Gender male
Birthdate August 30, 1995
Registered since May 29, 2008
Rank Regular User
Total segments in the gallery 533K
Number of contributions 18
User information List of hate (Chronological Order)
1. People who draw stickfigures on iScribble.
2. People who like to go on and on about the same thing.
3. Anyone who disagrees with me.
4. People who mess up others' art on iScrible.
5. Religous debates about dumbass theories.
6. Getting sprayed with the garden hose.
7. Drawing by myself.
8. Speed bumps.
9. People who are scared of spiders.
10. People who don't use grammar properly.
11. People who attempt to tickle me...
12. People that stutter when reading out loud.
13. Xenu
14. Being woke up for no reason.
15. People who try to be my friend but are real dicks.
16. Advertisements that pop up when you don't click.
17. Playgrounds full of kids who scream loudly.
18. Internet games that have no thought.
19. Bad drawings in Paint.
20. People who whine alot.
21. Dogs that chew on my shoes.
22. Quiet chat rooms.
23. Friends that have nothing to say.
24. A completely colored white desktop background.
25. Anything related or relevant to Science class.
26. People that talk loudly when you're right next to them.
27. Being asked to go somewhere but I get no say in it.
28. Being told by someone else to do something for them.
29. Horrible colored pictures that have a great outline.
30. People who chew with their mouth open.
31. No button to get you to where you want to go on a site.
32. Unanswered questions.
33. Cats that like to scratch.
34. Dogs that bark and chase after cars when pulling in.
35. People that use internet slang too much.
36. Having so much food and yet having nothing to eat.
37. Glass that gets thrown into the garbage.
38. Board games.
39. Black and white movies.
40. VCR movies that seem to like to skip at parts.
41. Games with kick-ass commercials and yet are blantly gay.
42. People who steal my ideas after I just said them.
43. Gingers that can't take jokes.
44. People who can't take jokes.
45. Lag that's inflicted upon my computer.
46. Dogs that jump on me.
47. Wanting to get on the computer but cannot.
48. Taking showers and getting out to find no towels.
49. Tight pants.
50. Not being able to take a shower.
51. Teachers that think I'm retarded by how I act.
52. Getting up early.
53. Going to sleep early.
54. Not having anything to do.
55. Not being able to get over a fence.
56. Being picked up by a cop car.
57. Hearing about how some guy died in a stupid way.
58. Having popcorn thrown at me.
59. People who use my jokes.
60. Anyone who disagrees with these.
61. Having the computer stolen from me.
62. Huge Twilight Fans (They'd die without).
63. Cops.
64. How I can't cook.

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