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Gender male
Birthdate August 21, 1986
Registered since January 20, 2009
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User information Hello!~ I'm gay (hence all the half naked male dudes). I like video games (first person shooters, fighting games, RPGs), fixing stuff (computers mainly though I'm handy with a lot of things), reading (fantasy, horror, & fiction) , drawing (cartoonish but I can do realism), photography (B&W ftw), scuba diving (when I can afford to), martial arts (kajukenbo), Dungeons and Dragons (ftw!! x3) and other things! :D

Specifically, I have taken kajukenbo for my martial arts study. Kajukenbo, broken into syllables, makes up the various styles. Ka - karate, ju - judo and jujitsu, ken - kenpo, and bo - chinese boxing. For the last two years or so, I've been too busy to be able to go, but I started roughly in 98 and studying somewhat casually compared to other dojos as my Sensei does it in his free time once a week for an hour. He's also very slow about promoting, took me till 2005 to get my black belt. :3

My deviant art account is http://bluestrings.deviantart.com/ if you want to see any drawings or photography things I've done.

Also, I took four years of Spanish. :) It's pretty much my second language.

Tambien, yo estudiaba espanol por cuatro aňos al collegio y un semestre a la unversidad. :3 Es mi segundo idioma, y puedo hablar sin accento (mas o menos)

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