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Update August 13, 2014

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  • 2013-10-20 - We have now amended the FAQs concerning nudity on this site.
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Commented by Slashes
Wed, May 13 2015, 10:30 pm

Just an idea I had a looong time, but never got around to asking about. iScribble features the ability to sign in multiple times. And it'd be a lot easier for people with a lot of friends, some of which who sign in multiple times, to only show up once, but upon hitting a button beside their name would drop down and show where they're signed in, allowing the person to not have to go to their profile to see. The gray indicates they're signed in multiple times, and the straight color indicates they're only signed in once. ? :)

Commented by Mheetu: Very interesting! I had been thinking about this matter myself, though I've not gotten around to playing with mocks yet. It's nice to see how others would approach the issue. This has definitely earned my +1. :)
Commented by Scribbled-UP
Sun, May 10 2015, 09:06 am
Excuse me can someone change my username to Mixed-Scribblers? C:

Commented by Mheetu: For technical support and accounting issues, including username change requests; please contact us using the contact form. http://www.iscribble.net/contact.html Furthermore, please note that usernames may only contain a maximum of 12 characters.
Commented by Cyndaqueen
Sun, May 10 2015, 12:37 am
Away users should be kicked out of boards if they are inactive for over 30 minutes to keep boards from getting clogged up

Commented by Mheetu: Thanks for the feedback! We really do appreciate it when the community sends us their thoughts and ideas. :D As becky stated in her response to MeistenHosen, "[...] we've recently been discussing a few different implementations that would address the issue with idle users." We're hoping to get this addressed shortly, though we don't have an actual timetable just yet.
Commented by weylin
Sat, May 9 2015, 01:20 am
A few filter options for private boards would be awesome.
For example, only showing boards with people in it (green square), showing boards active within the last week, hide/show boards you made.

Not sure how difficult that would be to add, though I'm still loving the /join command from a while back hahaha.

Commented by Katrina: Thank you for the idea! This seems like a good one. We will place this into consideration. :)

Weylin: Awesome, thanks!
Commented by Kamouri
Sun, May 3 2015, 10:54 pm
Settings needs a 1.5x zoom option.

Commented by Mheetu: You can adjust the zoom to whatever you'd like by changing the number at the end of the URL. If you want 1.5x zoom, then: 1.5 * 100 = 150. Therefore, visiting http://www.iscribble.net/setzoom.php?zoo... should do what you want. :)
Commented by MeistenHosen
Mon, Apr 27 2015, 06:57 pm
Here's a couple ideas that I had thought about, an automatic kick of idle users who have not drawn or messaged in a long time (i.e like a few hours or more), they clog up boards and keep people from enjoying them. Maybe a permanent ignore, or something as well?

Commented by becky: Hey, great ideas! In fact, we've recently been discussing a few different implementations that would address the issue with idle users. Furthermore, a permanent ignore/block list is definitely on our to-do list, though it's likely to be further down the road.
Commented by mothdog
Fri, Apr 17 2015, 06:14 am
Would someone please change my username to mothdog? c:

Commented by Mheetu: For technical support and accounting issues, including username change requests; please contact us using the contact form. http://www.iscribble.net/contact.html
Commented by Mheetu
Mon, Apr 13 2015, 05:25 am
It was brought to our attention that when a user attempts to maximize a window, the iScribble client was not expanding vertically as expected. As a result, users would see white space at the bottom of the page.

We've rolled out a few quick changes that should address this issue.
Please note that a hard-refresh may be required for the changes to take effect.
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Sat, Mar 21 2015, 07:33 pm
Suggestion! How about putting in the user's info when they were last online? like when you type /info (user) it will show when they were last online too. I think it would be a very.... useful feature for tracking friend activities down.

Commented by Mheetu: Interesting idea, though there may be some issues with users wanting privacy. In a typical system, such information could be shown only to friends; however, our friend system is not currently a mutual arrangement between two individuals.
Commented by Mheetu
Sat, Jan 24 2015, 11:07 am
iScribble experienced an unexpected outtage between the hours of 12:00 and 4:30am EST (UTC -05:00) on Jan. 24th, 2015. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are happy to inform you that the issues have since been resolved and everything should be back up and running smoothly!

With all the boring stuff out of our way, let's get creative! See you on the boards. :)
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Wed, Jan 14 2015, 07:46 am
needs more active mods :)
Commented by Mheetu
Mon, Jan 5 2015, 04:00 pm

Please Note

This page is for leaving feedback regarding feature requests and bugs encountered. For technical support and accounting issues, including username change requests; please contact us using the contact form.

> Contact Form

Commented by Cece-
Sun, Dec 28 2014, 05:23 pm
May I change my username to Cece-, please?

Commented by RedString: :)
Commented by weylin
Thu, Dec 11 2014, 06:20 pm
Something really odd happened.

shadow669 whispers: (→ pogi) hej ;)
Unknown protocol wshadow669,(→ pogi) hej ;)

My internet instantly crashed upon receiving it and I had to disconnect/connect to my router.
I don't even know who that is xD

Commented by Mheetu: This is a phenomenon that has been known to happen very rarely. We've been unable to reproduce or identify the cause of this. If you don't mind, could you please list the series of events leading up to this? Did you just log in, enter a room, send a message, send a whisper, etc? Thanks :)

Commented by tyb: Is it possible that cause and effect are the other way around, i.e. that your internet crashed and as a result you received the error message in iScribble?
Commented by Katrina
Thu, Dec 4 2014, 12:11 am
UPDATE Guest Account is now working and available to use again.
Commented by edwn
Sun, Nov 30 2014, 07:01 am
hey so i've tried logging in for the past 2 hours but it wont work? ive checked the internet connection and it's just fine , i've tried cleaning the cookies too. i don't think this site was blocked--please help?

Commented by Mheetu: Bee, in order for us to assist you, we need to know exactly what isn't working. At what point does it fail, what error messages do you receive, and/or what happens to indicate that it is not working?

it fails within 24 seconds, giving error 2048. i've tried logging in for hours. in different browsers, too.

Commented by Mheetu: Unfortunately, this is a general error that occurs when your client is unable connect to the sandbox policy server. There isn't anything wrong with the server, therefore it's something on your end. There are several things you can try to fix it, most of which are basic troubleshooting for network connections. 1) Restart your computer, 2) Reset your modem, 3) Try using alternative DNS such as Google's Public DNS (http://goo.gl/Umj39)

edit: It works now thank God. It was just my firewall.
Commented by no
Fri, Nov 14 2014, 11:10 pm
I think we should be able to tell which category a board is before entering. Maybe have [Roleplay] etc. at the beginning of the title, the same way it shows up in the title while inside the board--except viewable from the lobby.


-> edit: Oops... Thanks, I completely forgot that was there--I never got used to using it at first. Though I did notice now, that the private boards tab doesn't have the quick filter option.

So my new suggestion is to have the filter on the private boards tab

Commented by RedString: One way to tell the category of the board before you actually enter it is to use the quick filter drop down box. This feature is located above the -boards- in the -public tab- of the -lobby-. Once you click the arrow, you will have the option to see [All] [General] [Games] or [Roleplay] boards.
Commented by RedString
Fri, Oct 24 2014, 05:49 am
Please note the following issues:

-Any contact forms sent to iScribble are not being received. If you have an inquiry or comment please whisper an online moderator so they may assist you.
EDIT This function has been fixed as of 10/24/2014. If you sent a request prior to this date please resubmit it.

-On some iscribble homepages the offline messages are not being shown.
EDIT This function has been fixed as of 10/27/2014

-The option to log in as a "guest" is currently unavailable.
EDIT This function has been fixed as of 12/03/2014

iScribble developers are aware of these issues and are working to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you!
Commented by Ungarmax
Sun, Sep 21 2014, 04:30 pm
I have too simple suggestions:

1. It would be really sweet to have the ability to pause the loading of a canvas to freeze it so that it can still be appreciated even after it has been erased. To be able to scroll through would be even better.

2. A pressure sensitive brush would be nice.

If I could only choose one of those, I would prefer the canvas loading pause.

Commented by Jonathan: The first function you suggested is already available, but not in the Flash client. You can see(and pause at will) the loads of published drawings by clicking on the drawings in the gallery. The pressure sensitivity has been suggested a lot, but as I understand it, is not a priority at the moment.

Commented by RedString: The first function that both you and Jonathan mentioned is only available for the published canvases in the gallery. This function is not available for the loading canvas that appears when you enter a real-time board.
Commented by weylin
Mon, Sep 8 2014, 12:33 pm
A friend of mine is having trouble loading iscribble, they recently cleaned out some dust from their PC, and now iscribble gets stuck on the part with loading the main lobby. The main shapes appear, but the friends list and board list doesn't fill up, and if they do, a clicked board never loads.

EDIT: OK, this is just plain bizarre.
They restarted the computer and that still didn't fix it.
They tried clearing cookies, that didn't fix it either.
They just had a power outage which caused their computer to suddenly turn off - THAT fixed it?!

Commented by evn: Sounds like a hardware fault from your description, but can not be sure. Glad it's been recovered. I suggest your friend to backup their HDD(s), and then to make sure that all hardware components are fixed in place (mostly thinking RAM and HDD), just to be on the safe side.
Commented by Mheetu: Actually, it sounds to me more like a networking issue and the power outage would likely have reset the modem and router... Either way, glad it's fixed. :)
Commented by a0
Sat, Sep 6 2014, 01:17 am

I think that changing the color scheme for iscribble would be a nice idea. For example like in the picture in the link above.

Commented by Katrina: I quite like this idea :) Maybe it would be possible in the future?
Commented by evn: I like it too. We will be sure to consider this, but can not promise when.
Commented by bodytemp
Tue, Aug 5 2014, 03:07 pm
Okay so Ive been ad free for a long time now and I just logged on today with tons of ads popping up constantly can i get a fix please the ads are disconnecting me constantly. I cant even jump into boards

Error code 2048 on attempt to reconnect
Commented by LeifKlover
Thu, Jul 24 2014, 07:47 am
One of the most obvious qualms I've had with iscribble is the inherently small amount of canvas we have to work with. For a lobby based art site with large amounts of collaborative works and doodles, our current canvas is far too small. I understand server limitations, but some client side hosting could pull a bit of weight off of things.

EDIT: Considering the reply by evn, I don't necessarilly see aspect ratio being that big of an issue for widescreen monitors. I'm running 1900x1080, which has become a general standard along with 1600x900, at least for widescreen resolutions. On my 1900x1080 monitor, the current layout and screen usage means I have 4in. x 7.5in. area worth of whitespace on either side of the UI. Looking at both sides of the current ui, that means there's 60 inches of un-used screen. This isn't even considering the size of the chat box, which turns out taller than the canvas itself. Mind you, I understand the necessity of allowing portrait monitors the same access, as well as non-widescreen aspect ratios. I foresee a big UI change in the near future, both in site and in lobby.

Commented by evn: The small canvas is also part of an ongoing discussion and our understanding of currently used resolutions. At the moment there are still quite a few who are unable to accommodate a change to a larger canvas (from my understanding). Another reason for not being able to change so easily is if it were to change we may have to keep it's aspect ratio, as that is the format that best fits the gallery end of things. We'll work it out somehow in future.
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Mon, Jul 21 2014, 06:52 am
Would it be possible for u guys to make a tool that's like the eraser tool except used like the line tool? i mean if it's possible that would be a really great tool.

uhhhh i guess...

Commented by GHOST: You mean square shaped..?

No. I mean It's like the eraser tool, but you can drag it to a length so it will make an erased line instead of running it through the canvas and risk erasing with an imperfect line.
Commented by Chong
Fri, Jul 11 2014, 02:47 am
Yes i save all my pictures as a .PNG.

And it's not that the quality is so bad that the drawing is distorted, but you can hardly see the details put into it unless you're in the actual board and zoom in. I realize now that we're kind of limited in terms of resolution since iScribble is a pixel based editor, so in that regard, i'll be the first to say that I'd pay money to see an iScribble program made. -coughcoughKICKSTARTERcough-

Seriously. Same iScribble just as an .exe with a few tweaks here and there such as being able to choose your resolution, or being able to move your layers around.

I've been here since like 07 and I still haven't found any other program i like using as much as iScribble. I love the circle tool and how each circle gets spaced out depending on how fast your strokes are, i like how i can get the same effect with the eraser tool for a splatter-like effect, i love the auto-circle tool just because it's a unique tool thats can produce either a rough blending effect or a smooth one, i LOVE the simple and organized look; i pretty much love everything about iScribble. If i could use it as a professional program, well, i'd probably *** my pants quick.

just my 2 cents. someone contact me if its possible to make this happen.
Commented by Chong
Sat, Jul 5 2014, 09:56 am
It'd be cool if after i publish a drawing, i could save a copy at a higher resolution. I loooove using iscribble for its simplicity and its become my go-to when i want to paint digitally, but hate that i have to screenshot my drawings, paste it on paint, and then crop it, only to find that the save decreased the image quality. Can someone make this a thing?

Commented by evn: This is a good suggestion, and would like to see something like this happen in future. For now I can only suggest you screenshot what you have while logged in to retain the most image quality.

Commented by GHOST: If you aren't trying already, I suggest saving your images in .PNG, as (in case you aren't already aware) .JPEG will reduce the quality greatly by comparison. Common knowledge, but just telling you in case you didn't know previously. :)
Commented by Sayuta
Thu, Jul 3 2014, 09:36 am
Would be nice to be able to scroll through user's galleries with arrow buttons somewhere instead of having to go back to their gallery and click another picture, one after another.

edit: woooow these arrows are so tiny i was always sure that's just a frame to make it prettier or something :"D In that case i would suggest making them more obvious. But yeah, i mainly meant individual galleries.

Commented by Katrina: There are arrows next to the ''Category'' so ''Top 100'' ''###'s Sketchbook'', ''Celebrations'' so you an scroll across that way. But seeing it done for an individuals gallery would be quite nice.
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Sun, Jun 15 2014, 11:11 am
I have a suggestion. Maybe you guys can make it so that the people you invite in your private boards aren't automatically allowed to be able to save the board unless you allow them to.

i know it's gonna be a big request/suggestion, but you know, you have private things you want to keep in private boards, and if they can save that board, that gives them a chance to save the private board board and load it into public, and get someone in trouble for what they didnt do. i dont know, just a suggestion.


Commented by Moderator: If you are concerned about individuals taking your drawings with out your permission, it would be recommended that you do not invite them to your board, and only invite people whom you trust. Uninvited users cannot save a board that they view in hybrid, so you could also consider that if the material is appropriate. You could also make a note about respecting your property in the description of the board.
Commented by pauljs75
Sun, Jun 15 2014, 02:45 am
Any way users could have options for different CSS styles to support different monitor sizes? (Perhaps a user setting? Or maybe update script to detect browser window dimensions?)

Zooming in/out with browser doesn't work, but disabling styles seems to show this is where layout is handled to some extent. BTW, it's not to be confused with art-space zoom. But rather the proportion of space available to do art.

I'm asking because I finally got around to upgrading from XGA (where it was just right) to HD1080, but the extra screen real estate goes unused. (Besides one only needs chat for about the bottom 1/6 of the screen, and it could be made wider.)

Commented by Moderator: Unfortunately, that is one limitation to the existing UI. However, we'll certainly keep this in mind and discuss possible solutions for future changes.
Commented by bootsy
Thu, Jun 12 2014, 10:25 pm
There should be a feature where a user will be kicked if they stay inactive for longer than 30minutes-1hour, by inactive i mean not drawings or chatting etc.. and maybe be given a warning, like, "if you will not do something within 5 minutes you will be kicked". This is mainly because most boards i see are filled with inactive people taking up space from others.
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