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Updated August 30, 2015

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  • 2014-03-01 - New gallery replay feature online.
  • 2014-02-24 - Various user interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • 2013-10-20 - We have now amended the FAQs concerning nudity on this site.
  • 2013-01-26 - Regular Users now may use the /join command (i.e. /join username).

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Commented by weylin
Sat, Nov 28 2015, 06:57 pm
This happened on login https://dumpyourphoto.com/.../4lhEsm6WKD
Apparently there was a bit of trolling going on, and when 3 of 5 of those users left, it somehow glitched and sent the whisper to me instead? I'm not sure, I wasn't there.

Commented by Katrina: Thank you weylin, we've seen this glitch before. Can I ask which client you were using? The old flash or new HTML5 beta?
Commented by KattSpace
Wed, Nov 25 2015, 05:28 pm
Hi, I have a bit of a problem When I'm drawing on chrome/firefox wih my tablet, it seems to lag a bit and I'm un able to draw/write curves or what not. I have no trouble with this on Internet Explorer. Recentl though, I've been have issues with IE being unreponsive when when I try to get online. Any suggestions?
Commented by KS
Tue, Nov 24 2015, 05:49 pm
-Would it be a suggestion to have the choice of keeping your room-filters active while you are online? Right now it constantly resets when I switch back to the lobby.

-Also, the function to create horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines by holding shift with linetool selected is missing in HTML5
Commented by GHOST
Tue, Nov 17 2015, 09:43 am
Hey! So, HTML5, from what I've experienced and heard, is having some connection issues. But as we (moderators) were informed, leaving the beta version loading for several minutes, several times tends to result in it working!

And keep in mind that the homepage right now is set for the beta version. If you choose to switch to flash, it will redirect to that homepage version before you can login completely.

Hope this helps!
Commented by a0
Sun, Nov 15 2015, 12:04 pm
When I enter through Flash it redirects me to the home page first.
And I have trouble connecting on HMTL5 with firefox.

Commented by Katrina: the redirection is due to you not having www. At the beginning of your url when you enter via flash. It just redirects you to the homepage containing that at the start :)
Commented by orbitars
Thu, Nov 12 2015, 09:17 pm
I can't seem to access the HTML 5 Beta version of iScribble. I left it up for a few minutes, but it just stays at the loading screen. Is it just me? Or a bug?
Commented by Mheetu
Sat, Nov 7 2015, 09:03 pm
Hey artists,

We apologize for the extended downtime. In light of it all, we've gone ahead and moved to a better server which should resolve the lag spikes that we've been having.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter (@iScribbleSocial) for other news and status information!

See ya on the boards! :)
Commented by Smith
Thu, Nov 5 2015, 11:52 am
Hello, in the iscribble FAQs ( dutch ) are two things that are wrong.
1: 19. IIk ben ontevreden over een moderator. Wat kan ik doen?
IIk should be Ik
2: 25. Hoe typ ik smileys in commentaar/Wat voor andere opmaak is er?
typ should be type

not a big deal but everytime i check the FAQs i just :') welp

Commented by Mheetu: Fixed! Thanks. :)
Commented by herby619
Wed, Nov 4 2015, 11:12 am
If I may suggest a feature; regarding the HTML5 version. It would be interesting, if, one had the option to change the canvas orientation. There are times when drawing, that the appropriate dimensions of an image are difficult to produce within the constrictions of a horizontal board. That is true in most portraiture's. Even, if the option was exclusive to private boards?

On a related note, what are the chances of setting the canvas size?

Commented by Mheetu: This has been a very popular feature request in the past. We'd certainly like to offer the option to let users have different size canvas'. However, there are a few technological concerns that make it difficult. One of these concerns is a rather fundamental one, but hard to address in a manner that works for everyone. That would be the issue of screen resolution. Users on smaller screen resolutions (eg. 1366x768, common among laptops) are very limited on vertical screen space. Rest assured though that it continues to be something that we're looking into. :)
Commented by Vabam
Sun, Nov 1 2015, 08:12 pm
For both HTML5 and Flash, if you have a mod added as a friend, they are not listed on your Friends List. Their info box gives you the option to "Add As Friend" but will not complete the function. They are still listed on your profile page if you have them added, but not within the Flash/HTML5 interface

nvm it's fine

Commented by GHOST: Yeaahh.. There's a reason for that. We're able to become 'invisible', as I guess is the best way to put it, and when we are, it's not possible to add us as a friend, and at this time, if we are actually friended, you will not see us on your friends list either, or on /modlist. You have to catch us when we're 'available', so to speak. I'm being vague, but only because I'm uncertain if I can discuss it outright. You may also try, for example: /friend giwi into chat.
Commented by Foxley
Thu, Oct 29 2015, 10:51 pm
This is dumb but very weird. Recently today i was logging in several times, and what i noticed is when I go and press log in it reverts me to the main web page?? it only works when i try to log in the second time, very strange.

Commented by GHOST: Have you been switching between the beta version and the flash version? I find that if you are logged into the beta version and decide to use flash, it has to do some sort of reset.
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Wed, Oct 28 2015, 03:39 pm
Hey, do you guys think you can add something that can undo your last whisper, I mean, sometimes I fail whispers to people, and they end up being stuck in the offline message thing so I wish I could undo those when I get the chance but you cant really undo whispers just wondering, if it's not possible, that's ok too.

Commented by GHOST: That would be a great idea! As I'm not a developer, I don't know how possible it is, but perhaps a developer will answer and tell you. In the mean time, it can certainly be something to potentially consider. Thanks! Hopefully, Mheetu or tyb will respond to this.

Commented by Mheetu: Indeed, this is an issue that I too have come across. Unfortunately though, given our existing messaging system, such an implementation wouldn't be very practical. Rather than something such as that, I'd probably recommend the implementation of some web-based messaging center/mailbox. However, our priorities lie elsewhere at the moment, so I'm afraid anything like that would have to be put on the back burner for the time being.
Commented by Mheetu
Wed, Oct 28 2015, 02:45 am
Hey artists!

We've just pushed out an update to the new HTML5 Beta client! Included in this release are several bug fixes to issues that you've all helped us find and squash as well as a few performance tweaks and.... wait for it... HOTKEYS! Yup, we finally got them implemented!

We appreciate all of the support you've been giving us as we work to provide updates. Please continue to let us know of any problems or glitches you run into while using the HTML5 client so we can get them fixed as quickly as possible.


See you on the boards! :)
Commented by RudeWeasel
Tue, Oct 27 2015, 01:51 pm
Hello! In the new BETA I have noticed that name tags will stick to the board after the load ends. Sometimes they will clear themselves but mostly they stick, and flash in and out.

Keep up the great work guys, the site looks great.

Commented by Moderator: Glad you're enjoying the updates! This has also been noted and will be looked into. Thank you for your feedback! :)
Commented by Teeteegone
Thu, Oct 22 2015, 05:36 pm
Hey guys, new update is absolutely fantastic, keep up the good work! One issue I've noticed is when refreshing a page, the friends list indicates that no friends are online, even if several are. Just a little bug I spotted.

Commented by Moderator: Glad you're enjoying the updates! The 'No friends' online has been noted. Thank you for your feedback! :)
Commented by a0
Wed, Oct 21 2015, 12:25 pm
Hello my darlings,

On HTML 5 if you hadn't noticed there is this issue with the zoom where it does the antialiasing thing and it makes everything blurry and also laggy! And some more inconsequential stuff would be the area of the hue range :D make it easier to click

Commented by Mheetu: Thanks, the anti-aliasing on zoom should be fixed in the next update.
Commented by wobbow
Tue, Oct 20 2015, 03:39 am
A small bug, enter a board and refresh the page. The friends indicator at the top left glitches at 'No friends online' after refreshing.

Commented by tyb: Thanks, this should be fixed with one of the next updates.
Commented by weylin
Mon, Oct 19 2015, 09:18 pm
Just a small usabilty bug I noticed for HTML5, maybe you already know:
When selecting a brush size, it requires a press AND release to select it. The current flash version constantly selects brush sizes for as long as the pen is pressing.

this is mostly a tablet thing, I flick through brush sizes a lot when changing tools between pen and eraser, and having to press and release the pen, especially on the very small brush selection which is hard to accurately click, it slows down workflow drastically.
Commented by Mheetu
Mon, Oct 19 2015, 08:14 pm
Hey artists!

We'd like to apologize for the unexpected downtime and maintenance this morning. For status updates on future issues, check us out on Twitter (@iScribbleSocial) and Facebook (iScribble!). :)

Also, as tyb has mentioned below, we've been working on an HTML5 version of the site which will phase out our Flash client and completely remove our dependency on Adobe Flash Player. We've gone ahead and released the beta version for everyone to try! There are several exciting new features, but there are also some things that have not yet been implemented. Please bare with us while we continue to improve it's speed, functionality, and stability over the next days/weeks.

We'll update this post later to include a list of changes and new features, so be sure to check back!

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by KS
Mon, Oct 19 2015, 06:10 pm
Looks sleek! Though hotkeys don't work yet in HTML5 <: (edit: nevermind, it's already on the priority list) (edit2: aww, no longer friends with yourself..)
Commented by tyb
Mon, Oct 19 2015, 08:02 am
Adobe Flash is being phased out on iScribble and replaced by an HTML5 version. A preview of our new HTML5 drawing page is available. You can select this option during log in.

If you encounter any problems, please leave your comments above.

Big thanks to Mheetu for making it happen!
Commented by Neuro-chan
Tue, Oct 6 2015, 06:18 am
@Mheetu - Example here - http://imgur.com/70uMF7e

Thank you for replying!

Commented by Mheetu: Are you referring to the lag causing long straight segments, or is there a jaggedness that I'm not seeing? If it's the lag, that's common with Flash Player and low-end systems. We do have some optimizations being worked on, but they may not be out for another few weeks. The best I can suggest at this point in time is to reboot your system and close any background processes that are not required before using iScribble. Hope this helps!

Commented by Katrina: Make sure all your drives for your tablet are up to date too :) and that flicks are turned off!
Commented by Neuro-chan
Mon, Sep 28 2015, 03:31 am
Found my way back to iscribble after far too long - yay!
Unfortunately, I see the Windows 7 bug is still a thing - I tried to apply the tablet fix recommended, and my lines are still too jagged when I try to draw. :-(
That really bums me out, I was really hoping to doodle tonight. Do we know why this bug is a thing?
Many thanks!

Commented by Mheetu: If you're referring to the 3rd item of the list of known issues, that's not relating to any sort of jaggedness in lines. It's pertaining to the circle-click that happens due to Windows Ink and actually affects more than just Windows 7 users. I'm not currently aware of any issue that causes lines to be jagged. Could you please attach a screenshot illustrating the issue that you're having? Thanks :)
Commented by Foxley
Sat, Sep 26 2015, 04:02 am
There's a little problem with the highlight that I noticed.
Today, in session I decided to add a few selected words to my highlight box here and there, but then i noticed that other people's messages were being highlighted when I did not type any of the words they had typed.
I'm just going to assume this is a bug with the highlight, that it suddenly goes random when you add new words in session. Everything was fine and I did not get random highlights before it.
Just letting you guys know in hopes you can fix this minor bug :)
EDIT: also on another note, when I logged in this morning, the random highlighting still continued, I noticed that the highlighted words box is very sensitive to commas, and if you add an extra one at the end of your words, it makes other people's messages highlighted!

Commented by Moderator: Ah yeah, leaving a space or a comma at the end usually causes that. Getting rid of that should fix it (I believe), if it persists feel free to drop another note and we'll try to figure out the issue. 8)
Commented by Mheetu
Fri, Sep 18 2015, 11:03 pm
Animations, Animations, Animations!

That's right, we want to see what kind of animations you can come up with by taking advantage of the gallery replay system! With this in mind, we've brought back the 'animations' category!

Check out these older submissions by Steve, and tyb and sushi!
3D Animated Dog
Watersplash 1

Can't want to see what everyone comes up with!

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by Mheetu
Thu, Sep 3 2015, 06:56 pm
Unexpected Downtime

Hey artists!

Just wanted to apologize for the service outage between 08:00 - 16:00 UTC. It was taken down for some maintenance in the data center and we were unable to get it back online for several hours afterwards.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by Mheetu
Sun, Aug 30 2015, 11:54 am
Bug Notice

A recent release of Adobe Flash Player has caused a problem with the blur tool while loading some boards. We are aware of the issue and will be working to find a solution. In the mean time, we ask that you keep your usage of the tool to a minimum as it may break the loading process of the board you're in.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to have it fixed in the coming days.

See you on the boards! :)

Update (2015.08.31 19:30 UTC): We've released an update that should fix this issue.
Commented by Annabeth
Sun, Aug 30 2015, 02:23 am
I have asked this question once before but it's been I don't know how many years. I would like to remove a comment that looks like this

Drawing: friends~
Commented by Marlz
Mon, Apr 5 2010, 01:09 pm
Annabeth=*tard+dipshit+her ugly face

I enjoy going through old drawings made back then, but it ruins my fun when I see it.. Just wondering if it was an option or somebody higher up could take it down.

Commented by evn: Hello Annabeth! The comment in question has been removed. We do try our best with wanting to keep our community on good terms, so apologies for the delay in the assistance of this particular case. If there are any other comments of this nature please do let us know through the Contact Us link where we handle all support requests.
Commented by ashley
Tue, Aug 18 2015, 05:50 am
You guys should consider updating how many genders there are on your profile page. As of now, there are only two genders (male & female) when in reality a lot of people are not just male or just female. :) Just something I noticed. Non binary and other genders should be represented as well I think.

Commented by Mheetu: Our current system is meant to be more of a synonym with " *** ." While we recognize there are varying definitions between the two words, depending upon the dictionary you chose to reference; we currently do not have a system in place for specifying an individuals gender identification. If you do not wish to specify male or female, you're welcome to simply leave it blank or mention it in the "User Info" box beneath it.
Commented by RuddyIdiots
Thu, Aug 6 2015, 05:46 pm
Uh, IScribble won't work for me on Firefox. Works on IE, but that browser has so many adverts.

Commented by Mheetu: Can you please elaborate on what you mean when you say it "won't work"? Many of our users use Firefox as well as IE, Chrome, and Safari without issues. I'd suggest disabling any plugins/extensions you have installed in Firefox and try again.
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