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Updated August 30, 2015

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  • 2014-03-01 - New gallery replay feature online.
  • 2014-02-24 - Various user interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • 2013-10-20 - We have now amended the FAQs concerning nudity on this site.
  • 2013-01-26 - Regular Users now may use the /join command (i.e. /join username).

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Commented by Utatane.Piko
Tue, Jun 27 2017, 04:18 am
Rivaille, it was dying repeatedly for everybody eaaarly this morning (26th)
and guys stop leaving comments about flash we all know it's down they don't know what's up
Commented by Rivaille
Mon, Jun 26 2017, 09:23 am
html5 is constantly crashing for me and I think everyone else..
Commented by JustUndead
Thu, Jun 22 2017, 03:20 am
I miss flash :(
Okie doke, looking forward to using flash again! c:

Commented by Bluestrings: We're aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. No estimate on time of restoration, unfortunately.
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Wed, Jun 21 2017, 02:33 pm
This is disgusting, i need flash client :C

Commented by Bluestrings: We're aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. No estimate on time of restoration, unfortunately.
Commented by Vabam
Tue, Jun 20 2017, 10:09 am
Please bring flash back

Ty blue ♥

Commented by Bluestrings: We're aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. No estimate on time of restoration, unfortunately.
Commented by Bluestrings
Wed, Jun 7 2017, 02:57 am
HTML5 is currently working for login. Flash login is not.

If you like using flash, please be aware that major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are now blocking flash, so if you're unable to login, just follow these instructions when using flash.

Google Chrome: Click on the i symbol surrounded by a circle, in the upper left corner of Google Chrome. Make sure that where it says "Flash" is set to "Allow" on the right.

Mozilla Firefox: Click on the thing that looks like a lego in the upper left corner of Firefox and select "Allow and Remember".

Microsoft Edge: https://helpx.adobe.com/.../flash-player-issues-windows-10-edge.html

Opera: https://helpx.adobe.com/.../enabling-flash-player-opera.html


If you have problems using your tablet in flash
Try the following link to get a visual on the problem as well as how to fix it. http://imgur.com/NjKlo4q
Commented by Sidon
Sat, May 20 2017, 06:35 pm
Hey so lately, for weeks now, I've been seeing one and the same scripter and last time I checked that was against the rules, they've gone from making their own boards to occupying the standard boards. How come nothing's done?
Commented by Manti: Can you please provide or pm us the offender's username so we can look into it? It would also be helpful if you already have evidence of the scripting that you could show us. For the next time that you feel like your reports or complaints about troublemakers have been neglected, please send us a support ticket as your message will much more likely be read there. Thanks~
Commented by Manti: Link to support page: http://www.iscribble.net/contact.html
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Thu, Mar 30 2017, 06:45 am
Dororo means if you try to report a new user with their username, it says no user exists, so they can't be reported and we have to whisper mods to get it solved

Commented by Katrina: Can you get us some screenshots? Even if it is a false report, it would be just for us to see the glitch. Is it on Flash or HTML5? What Browser?
Commented by Dororo
Tue, Mar 21 2017, 02:37 am
Any word on fixing the 'no user found' issue when reporting new users?

Commented by Katrina: Can you give us some more info on this? It's not a typing error is it? Simply someone typing in a nickname instead of a username can generate ''No User Found'' if there is no username under that name.
Commented by what
Sat, Mar 18 2017, 07:41 pm
hey, what's up with the AJAX response error when trying to comment on one's page?
i can comment on my page and it will show up a few seconds after posting except i get that error and it won't display as my status message. i've gotten the same error on chrome and firefox.
Commented by Inspire
Fri, Jan 20 2017, 03:51 am
I would appreciate it if there could be stricter actions taken against users who harass others, especially with triggering content (such as rape, violence, hate speech, etc.). I'm aware of the /ignore function, however, I don't really understand why people with volatile behaviour should be allowed to keep harassing others instead of getting warned or banned.

I believe that a site with a chat function should have its chat moderated as well, and that toxic behaviour should be taken more seriously in order to promote a healthier community within iScribble.

Commented by becky: Hi Inspire, Im going to try be as transparent and as honest as I can on this matter. Things like hate speech are already dealt with the best we can, if users are directly harassing users in a hateful way we will try to stop this, but we can only attempt to put a stop to it on this site. On the other hand users may talk about these topics in an un-harmful way and unaware that it triggers other people. This is something we can't prevent. There are some things that are not tolerable on this site. However, some of these topics have a very fine line on what is and isn't okay, this also depends on the person.

Commented by becky: What may 'trigger' one user does not trigger the other. It's a really complicated situation because we can not monitor all the chats or give the kind of support you are requesting without enough internal/external structure. In some cases you or other users may have to use the /ignore function if you do not want to see certain things being said, please remember that all moderators here help for free and in their own time, it's impossible for us to monitor everything but we will do our best to catch up on these issues and try to make the best decisions for the users in question and the site as a whole.

Commented by becky: We do not have systems in place to remove what has been said. If you or other users are truly having issues with users like this then please provide some information on those user(s) so we can look into it. Chat logs help a great deal.

I greatly appreciate the help given to users across iScribble, especially since I know you guys are volunteers. It's just that I have noticed a few cases where there has clearly been inappropriate behaviour (trolling with sensitive topics, racial/homophobic slurs, etc.) and a mod has simply said "/ignore" and essentially "get over it", which has been frustrating for many users. I don't come here as often now, but was recently confronted with a similar issue (which was resolved after about half an hour of mod x user arguing), which made me remember previous conflicts where no action was taken to remedy toxic situations. I'm just wondering if there could be more concrete punishments like warning/silencing immediately after confirming that a user is intentionally provoking others with triggering content or hate speech.
Commented by subst
Mon, Jan 16 2017, 01:44 pm
For anyone having tablet problems, possible cause/solutions:

Commented by Bluestrings: Google Chrome version 55 now supports Pointer events.This means the flash version of iScribble in Chrome won't work on a tablet.You can try another web browser, use HTML5 client in Chrome, or turn off Windows Ink as described in my guide here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=...
Commented by catcrumbles
Sun, Jan 15 2017, 08:54 pm
I've been having this problem where I can't draw on iscribble/click anywhere or it's not allowing me to. My tablet is a wacom Intuos Pen and Touch.
Commented by princessbear
Sat, Jan 14 2017, 02:07 am
Has there been a change where tablet monitors can't use iscribble? I used to be able to use my Cintiq just fine- I have been gone a few months. I've tried using mine and my friends, but it seems not to translate right? I mean- I can't click or draw anything with my pen when I'm on iscribble: not the brushes, pens, colors. However I can everywhere else i go. Please let me know if this is just me.
Commented by or
Mon, Nov 28 2016, 09:29 am
I feel like this website has lost its touch. One of the main points of this website is that users work together (or alone) with the end goal being to finish a gallery-worthy drawing. The game/OC boards have partially watered down that concept. The roleplay boards take away from that entirely. Proof? There are no roleplays in the gallery. Go ahead and see for yourself. Now the website is littered with boards that are filled with users who couldn't care less about creating a QUALITY piece. And no, those glorified stick drawings scattered throughout each and every roleplay board are not quality.

Sure, before the filters there was an issue with people roleplaying where they shouldn't but that was only due to the lazy and heavily biased moderation being done. Yeah, I realize that we are actually tyb's pet project, one that he obviously cares very little about. In a very pitiful attempt to take action, iScribble has seemed to put a band-aid on the issue? That is quite the slap in the face to more dedicated users who were actively filling the gallery with breathtaking pieces that made you use your imagination. The consequences of doing such is that a large number of skilled artists and regulars began to phase out. They don't even stop by for a visit anymore and iScribble has a terrible reputation because of it (not like tyb gives a darn). I mean, someone even decided it was terrible enough to commit a portion of their life to creating an Uncyclopedia page about it.

"But roleplaying takes imagination!" Yes, but it also requires a specific narrative to be produced in order to activate that imagination. The pieces I've seen in the gallery kick-start my imagination and tell a story WITHOUT NEEDING (near illegible) words. That is what differentiates a quality piece from...well, yeah.

I have no problem with roleplaying so there is no need to chalk up my motives to a bias leaning against roleplaying. I LOVE roleplaying. I love the OC boards and the game boards. Neither of which promote productivity but instead idle doodling. I have no issue with people coming here only to doodle. I have no issue with what the users decide to spend their time doing.

I DO have an issue with the website itself promoting it. I have an issue with a website that claims to be for art yet refuses to address the fact that it is actually a website for roleplaying drawings.

What exactly is the motive of iScribble? What are the goals? What incentive do skilled artists have anymore to come here to draw when there are better alternatives?

There are so many changes going on with the infrastructure, but for what? Make the website pretty but entirely ignore how it is run? That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

What do I hope to gain from this post? Nothing. It'll just fall on deaf ears like in the past.

Why did I make this post? Sunk cost fallacy.

Commented by evn: I understand the frustration, and hopefully we will work through a lot of the current issues and get iScribble to a point where we can have most if not all of our active users and any new/returning ones content. I have quite similar views concerning the state of the website, though I hope you will understand if I clarify a few things. iScribble is for both art and drawing, so while roleplaying does not produce any art, it's definitely a part of the community. Granted, we would like to encourage more to take and contribute to the gallery and there are (at least) some thoughts on how to do that. It's quite a lot to go through and this isn't the right place to do so, but I can be emailed or whispered if you want to know more concerning that.
Commented by evn: Concerning the changes, we are still in transition and have almost no development happening lately. I hope we can resume it soon so that we can fix a lot of the things which do not function at least. There's a lot more to be done which doesn't particularly just make the website pretty. Unfortunately there's quite a lot of things that depend on having active development before we can move further with positive changes in terms of community. I am unable to assure you when, but can say that none of the feedback we have gotten (at least for me) falls on deaf ears. We may not reply to every feedback we get, and we still need to get better at being a cohesive team. We have limited resources and even less time, which I know lets the community down in many ways. Anyways, I hope you can get my intent from this rather brief reply. I do appreciate that you and many others continue to show support while we get through the current state of affairs

Makes sense... Thanks for the hard work
Commented by Marina.del2
Mon, Nov 21 2016, 03:53 am
Pretty sure this is a known bug that's not listed, but sometimes the gallery doesn't connect that an account was signed in fully? I've heard that usually when this bug occurs, image upload, profile editing, private friends list, etc all become absent from your profile, but the bug executed a little differently for me this time in that my name still appeared in the top right corner (despite all other login-specific details being absent). Feel free to pm/dm me for some specifics on what I'm using and I'll be on it! Just didnt want to textwall you here. Thanks. :)

>as bluestrings mentioned to me, quick fix is obviously re-logging in in a new window, for others experiencing this!

Commented by evn: I believe that's a known issue, due to the site being in transition from one technology to another. We will hopefully resolve this in time, and maybe take you up on the offer to contact you for details
Commented by ToiletLlama
Tue, Nov 15 2016, 06:43 am
a great feature would be the ability to nickname your friends that only you can see, i've added alot of people i dont even know who they are now because nicknames of their own change so much and its hard to remember everyone sometimes. just like the ability to trigger a key word that pops up next to their name would save me alot of embaressing convos

Commented by evn: Thanks for the feedback! I can understand that it can be confusing with nicknames. We will have to think about it more once development can resume.
Commented by Jimi
Thu, Nov 10 2016, 11:24 am
/info doesn't work right

Commented by becky: Could you provide us with some more information on this? Thanks!
Commented by Jimi
Mon, Sep 19 2016, 06:39 am
The Quick Filter, in iScribble HTML5 Beta...
There are three options. When you pick one or two, go into a board, and leave that board, the filter is reset.
Isn't it a nice idea to keep that filter as one has set it before, until one makes the change him/her/itself?

Are you reading this?
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Sun, Sep 18 2016, 12:30 am
.5 font sizes ples <3
Commented by Patsu
Fri, Sep 16 2016, 11:14 pm
Is there a way to fix bad lag when drawing?

Commented by Bluestrings: There's a variety of issues which cause this problem. It depends on what browser you're using, how fast your computer is, up to date drivers, etc. If you're using HTML5, make sure you clear chat every so often. You can also try this guide I made. Google Doc "Iscribble Help - Windows Ink, Pen vs Mouse Mode, & Change Poll Rate for Smoother Lines" - version 1.2 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=...
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Fri, Sep 16 2016, 06:21 pm
Wth i just published a drawing and I put it in my sketchbook, but when I checked it, it ended up in the sketchbooks category instead of my actual sketchbook! D:< yo what's goin on!?

Commented by Katrina: We are aware of this issue and will be looking to solve as soon as we can. Thank you Panda for your comment :)
Commented by ToxicRabi
Wed, Sep 7 2016, 08:09 pm
Can I please change my official username?

Commented by becky: Hi! Please use the contact form for name changes :). http://www.iscribble.net/contact.html
Commented by weylin
Sat, Aug 13 2016, 07:28 am
Just a quarterly reminder here that the HTML5 brush size selector is still complete cancer and cause for at least 20 whispers of me screaming at my friend for making a board irreversibly HTML5 exclusive.

To elaborate, the selector only registers on "did just click", not "is button down". This means that click-dragging to the desired selection is not possible, you must precisely click on it, which is a bit tedious on the smallest brush size especially.

Commented by Bluestrings: If a board is made flash in error, an HTML5 user can load a saved empty flash board to restore functionality. If a flash user is in a board at the time a HTML5 user clears it, the flash user can clear it to fix it as well. Regarding your issues with the selector, I understand your frustration and thanks for the reminder. Right now we have some issues delaying fixes and updates to iScribble, but we'll definitely note your concern.
Commented by KS
Mon, Aug 8 2016, 03:49 am
- Sometimes the layer thumbnails do no longer update whats going on in the board. example: http://puu.sh/.../28a07c05dd.jpg (empty board but it still has stuff on layers 1 - 3).

- I've noticed that hiding your contribution from a drawing, will only make you anonymous on the drawing itself, but does not make your name dissapear from the thumbnail contribution list.
Commented by Archaeoptery
Sun, Aug 7 2016, 12:44 pm
Dear staff of Iscribble

Could you perhaps concider adding new rules concidering this matter:

Art selling scams, an iscribbler just their lost money to a scammer in the oc board and mods could do nothing about it, as it is not against the iscribble rules. However discussing about pirating a art program is against the rules, but scamming others for money isint. Can you at least tell us why?

Commented by evn: While we discourage both practices, there is a difference between conversing about piracy and a situation where there has already been a transaction. I am not familiar about what happened in this instance, but just like most other online communities we do not condone any illegal activities. If the transaction has already happened the situation is out of our control. In the case of the buyer being the victim, they should be talking with their bank and issuing chargebacks if that is possible. In the case of the merchant being the victim, this should serve as an example to request at least half the intended amount up front before doing anything for the client and that there are other venues to sell one's services legitimately.
Commented by tuinnin
Sat, Aug 6 2016, 11:05 pm
Consider adding asteriks to an active warned user's name! So when you go into a board, you know that the user might be trouble. Like, if I got warned, it would be crybo*, or if I got warned twice, crybo**. So you'd have a bit of an idea of who might erase or scribble or who's been warned for breaking the rules, or adding a comment on someone's profile stating why they've been warned and what for. I might have not explained it very well, but //shrugs!!
Commented by ZenroGaiaX
Mon, Aug 1 2016, 11:10 pm
how do I change my username,,

Commented by Mheetu: Please send a request via the contact form: http://www.iscribble.net/contact.html
Commented by RealBarinder
Fri, Jul 29 2016, 10:56 pm
Problem(s) that I found---- Once I was on iScribble. I had a board called Practicing, which i still have. There wasn't anything on it. I tried going to the lobby, but it kept me at my board, even though it said I was at the lobby. I decided to start drawing instead of changing boards. I drew and drew, adding a bunch of details. It took me A LOT of time. I had to reboot my computer because it was being slow. When I came back on iScribble, my hard-worked on drawing was GONE! Everyone invited to my board weren't /trusted and I was the owner. So I had to sadly restart from scratch. What had happened?

Commented by Mheetu: It sounds like you probably got disconnected and the client failed to show the disconnected screen. Trying to go to the lobby or another board and being unable to do so is a pretty good indication that you've either been disconnected from the internet or the iScribble servers are experiencing issues. Another way to test your connection is to /info yourself and see how long it takes for the information box to appear.
Commented by KS
Fri, Jul 29 2016, 12:37 am
Putting long consecutive lines of text without space will completely mess up the interface of iscribble on html5. example: https://embed.gyazo.com/b633604a15714f3e4035a3477fcc868c.png and http://puu.sh/.../27c2470669.png

Commented by Mheetu: Thanks, I had seen this happen before but forgot to make note of it. :)

Commented by Mheetu: Update: Jul 31, 2016 - This should now be fixed.
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