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Updated August 30, 2015

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Commented by Utatane.Piko
Wed, Jun 22 2016, 05:55 am
Newly published drawings appear in the gallery but if you move it to a sketchbook, it won't show in the user's sketchbook.

Commented by Manti: It's been moved to a more general Sketchbook category instead. We are wary of the issue and it's already on our to-do list.
Commented by Saeki
Tue, Jun 21 2016, 09:02 pm
Just now iS yet again went offline but this time after being able to log back on the board i created was gone yet all the other boards are still there. I wouldn't have minded that if i wasn't drawing something, but in fact i was drawing so now my drawing is gone and i'm pretty much annoyed by it.

Commented by Manti: We'll let you know when the server-side hiccups get resolved.
Commented by redpharoah
Sun, Jun 12 2016, 10:07 am
Hello, I've been having a problem with html5 where some things like the board size bar and layer previews in the corner stop updating, requiring me to refresh or re enter to board to have them update.
Commented by ZelBD
Sat, Jun 11 2016, 06:38 am
I have a problem using the colors on HTML5- It wont let me click and drag with my Stylus to select a color like the flash does O:! So I have to use my touchpad on my laptop and it's a little annoying. I use a touchscreen Laptop idk if anyone else has that problem.
Commented by Mheetu
Thu, Jun 9 2016, 01:23 am
Hey artists!

It's been awhile, a long while, and I apologize for that. Unfortunately, several unexpected things came up which brought the development process to a halt in the middle of a large under-the-hood update and left some features broken for an extended period of time.

However, that's all about to change! Image uploads and comments are finally working again and we'll continue to roll out periodic updates over the next few weeks to hopefully address other lingering issues and possibly add a few new features too!

Please note that there are still some features that do not work... for instance, editing the title or description of an uploaded image or the use of macros (ie. smileys) do not work.

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by wobbow
Tue, May 17 2016, 03:45 am
I cant see any uploaded pictures on anyones profile including mine. It just gives me the text 'Whoops, looks like something went wrong.'

Commented by Katrina: Thank you for reporting this, we will be looking into it.
Commented by Bunnily
Sat, May 14 2016, 02:31 pm
No one is able to log into either HTML5 or flash clients this afternoon. Could someone try to fix this please?
EDIT: Oh, sorry it's back up now, sorry for wasting time.

Commented by Katrina: Thank you for commenting on here for us! You can always message us on either facebook (https://goo.gl/BMVf3H) or our twitter (https://goo.gl/Tbys5a)
Commented by Archaeoptery
Tue, Apr 19 2016, 02:48 pm
Seriously mods, there has been a troll on the oc board for like half an hour yet again and none is online to do anything. Is this how you want your site to be?

Commented by Katrina: Sorted :)
Commented by GHOST
Tue, Apr 19 2016, 02:33 am
*Coughs at other mods*

Totally haven't been trying to get new mods or anything....
Commented by kyleireland
Mon, Apr 18 2016, 09:35 pm
It would be a cool feature to be able to save finished images/canvases as GIFs or similar so that we can save the replay process.
Commented by Devil.
Sun, Apr 17 2016, 08:06 pm
We need active mods here.this guy metioned below entered a board and caused chaos for about 30 mins and all we could do was watch.thats unacceptable
Commented by xXautumnXx
Sun, Apr 17 2016, 07:49 pm
username celtic564 is ruining drawing for everyone and the mods aren´t doing anything, please be active

Commented by Katrina: Sorted
Commented by Archaeoptery
Sun, Apr 17 2016, 07:47 pm
Dear staff, please recruit new, active mods so that we can keep drawing in peace. :)
Commented by GHOST
Fri, Apr 1 2016, 11:49 pm
No idea if it's been mentioned as I've not really been around but...
Brush tool glitches out and goes from normal to appearing pixelated. If you leave the board and reenter, the entire load will look this way until you reload the entire page.

I have screencaps available if need be. Seems to do it particularly when you tab out for a minute.
Commented by Bluestrings
Sun, Mar 20 2016, 01:09 pm
Iscribble gets a template/game category for publishing drawings. OC boards, drawing games, and such can be published into that category for users to look at. Perhaps a separate category for "roleplay" background templates could be made as well (to keep them separate). As a result of being in that category, two special things happen.

A) Anyone can load a saved drawing published in that gallery without having to draw on it originally.

B) Loading a drawing from that gallery treats the board as if it's brand new and just created, doesn't show the board has been active for days/weeks/months/years.
Commented by Narkooti
Sun, Mar 20 2016, 11:02 am
I've been unable to edit my profile (tagline - adding or removing) as well as upload any images. Is this a known issue or??

Commented by becky: This is a known issue. We will look into it as soon as we can.
Commented by Miasma
Sat, Mar 19 2016, 09:05 pm
I do not see any options to toggle the tool size using hotkeys. Is this not a feature yet?
Commented by Azelf123
Sun, Mar 13 2016, 01:22 pm
I have come to say a problem about HTML5 like the others.
After we all can finally log in normally again,I went to go to my private boards,(I also went on these boards in HTML5,yes.)
Just to find out I cannot get onto them at all,yet when I went to check,they are clear boards,no brush,no nothing! It just keeps saying whenever I click on them: "This board requires HTML5 client."
Take on note this is the same thing for the 2 triangle boards(Pen Tool Only and Intermediate and Advanced Skills)

I hope this gets fixed soon,I do not want to delete my private boards...

Commented by Manti: "Note: Boards created/cleared while using HTML5 have more features but are incompatible with users logging in using Adobe Flash." Your private boards if made in html5 will be incompatible with flash users; make sure you had the html5 box checked as you log in.

Commented by Manti: I see you are a regular user, so for a temporary 'fix' you can (only in the html5 client) load a flash-made drawing to get a flash-compatible board. Then you can relog in flash and clear the said drawing for a flash-made private board. If you couldn't enter the board on html5 either way, someone who was invited to your board can try this with their html.
Commented by Sxae
Fri, Mar 4 2016, 05:09 pm
html5 is very glitchy(and laggy) for me when people erase, and when they start drawing again it looks like this https://gyazo.com/4431a5cccb3d14285645be9557a4d2e0 , i cant press enter to start writing either(like flash) so i open millions of pages without realizing lmao, maybe you should add it as a hotkey too?
many loves you do a great job
Commented by xMelx
Wed, Mar 2 2016, 12:22 pm
I think it would be nice if html5 iScribble has the same color slider and the pallet box as the Flash one. .o.
Commented by Maybellmay
Wed, Mar 2 2016, 05:43 am
Heeeey. I do think HTML5 is great and all, but it's still very obviously in beta with a lot to improve on. Lag is an issue for the majority of people I talk to, among several glitches and issues with the new brushes along with general smoothness and features this client lacks that the other does not. Ex: Pressing enter to chat, click-dragging the pen sizes, etc.
Good job Mheetu on the work you've done so far but as I said, needs improving, everyone seems to be really PO'd at the change.

I really DO hope this is just the main client being down and not the introduction to HTML5!
Commented by strangebunny
Tue, Mar 1 2016, 11:07 pm
I know that you are trying to move out of flash, but the HTML5 version has been a pain to try and get used to.

Could the pen tool possibly behave more closely to the pen tool in the flash client?

The brush tool is as smooth as a dream, but the actual strokes don't seem to start until a long while of dragging, especially with the smallest line.
Commented by guusagi
Tue, Mar 1 2016, 10:18 pm
Hii um well to be short, it's impossible for me to get into iscribble at all since this morning. Neither html 5 nor the normal one doesn't work

what is happening?? 8D
Commented by KthTheArtist
Tue, Mar 1 2016, 09:58 pm
I have been experiencing problems with the Flash version of this site and apparently I'm not the only one. The HTML5 version seems to be the ONLY version that can be accessible to draw and chat. I dislike the HTML5 ver. alot especially with the scrolling zoom in instead of the right click one. Please bring back Flash. I don't want to use HTML5 and I had to resort to ANOTHER website to draw with my friend who also dislikes HTML5 here. So please, consider bringing it back. Thank you!
Commented by WolfyButt
Tue, Mar 1 2016, 09:07 pm
Hello everyone,
HTML5 has not done a lot of people any good. I can't even use the drawing boards themselves because of the lag I experience and it is not because of the chat. I've tried three different browsers and still has the same effect. Also many of my friends cannot get on at all because they were not notified and/or it will just stay on the loading screen forever. Please reconsider bringing back Flash.
Thank you
Commented by ERambo
Tue, Mar 1 2016, 07:02 am
Not sure how many people this actually has an impact on, but I found quite an annoying glitch in html5. I can zoom in using the hotkeys but the second I attempt to draw at all it zooms back out to the original size. I am using a Wacom tablet and this only seems to happen while it is plugged in (if I try to draw with the mouse, the board will remain zoomed in as desired). This makes drawing with my tablet only possible in the standard viewing window, which is not preferable. Once again, this might be a very niche glitch, but if everyone is forced to use html5 then it would be a much appreciated fix. If there is some sort of troubleshooting that I can do somehow, please let me know. Thanks.

EDIT: Upon further testing on my part, it seems like this glitch only occurs in the Google Chrome browser.
Commented by Dororo
Mon, Feb 29 2016, 11:49 pm
-MadRam- hi I'm having to use a friend's account sense I've been unable to reset my password to log into own account but please don't just have html5 I know there is a lot of users who dislike it a lot, I have a great dislike for it as well. I have tried HTML5 and I don't like it one bit. This is the only site I use to draw with friends and i don't want the other HTML gone please. also the zoom and drag option key is no longer working.
Commented by Bunnily
Mon, Feb 29 2016, 08:59 pm
Uhm, hello, I've noticed that the flash client is down... Are you guys gonna just shut it down so it'll be replaced by the HTML5, or is it just having downtime? If so, Not alot of people like the HTML5 client as it's buggy and laggy, and not everyone has A+ computers. Either find a way to fix your HTML5 bugs or bring the flash one back until the HTML5 is FINISHED and not in its 'beta'. I don't care how long it will take.
Commented by Slash
Mon, Feb 29 2016, 04:08 pm
Just a thought, maybe adding in a GUI for undoing people? For example, in some collab boards, if someone's brush spazzes out and completely ruins someone else's drawing (I know I've had it happen), aside from profuse apologies, the only way to correct it is to undo yourself but then there goes your drawing.. It could have an option to undo a certain time period of when they needed to be undone. Like, past 1 minute, past 5 minutes, past hour, all time, etc. It's relevant to time zones and it can help making undoing accidents more convenient.
Commented by KS
Sun, Feb 28 2016, 11:34 pm
Alright, I'm not sure if this is a personal thing or something else. But I have the feeling that the buttons are less responsive in HTML5. I am not sure how to explain this, but the buttons/layers just seem to stick at times? Or maybe they need to be clicked with more accuracy? More often in HTML5 I end up with the wrong brush or on the wrong layer even though I could've sworn I clicked the right thing.

Could it be related to the comment that weylin made further down the feedback page?

Commented by Moderator: Yes, it's related. Things are still being tweaked so you just have to make sure you've selected the size/layer you want for the time being until things smooth out under the hood.
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