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Updated August 30, 2015

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  • 2014-03-01 - New gallery replay feature online.
  • 2014-02-24 - Various user interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • 2013-10-20 - We have now amended the FAQs concerning nudity on this site.
  • 2013-01-26 - Regular Users now may use the /join command (i.e. /join username).

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Commented by tasmid
Sun, Aug 5 2018, 11:33 am
Good night sweet iscribble/ I love you so much
Commented by DibFan4life
Sat, Aug 4 2018, 12:14 am
hey there staff and administrators ! i just wanted to say thank u for the fond memories u were able to help create for me and everyone else by having this website around. it really pains me to see this site go. i only recently started to come back on in the end of june and met a few amazing people already, one of them being the light of my life now. it sucks that iscribble has to go so soon, as ive been a member since 2012 and only just got to become a regular user a week or two ago, but even if the reason is unknown, i understand that not everything will last forever. it pains me to know there will never be a sight as good, clean and organized as iscribble out there thats free or doesnt need to be downloaded.
again, thank u for everything u guys were able to help make happen, it really means the world to me and im sure a lot of other people too! it's been fun.
Commented by Vabam
Fri, Aug 3 2018, 02:15 pm
[Press F to pay respects]
Commented by Animalover
Fri, Aug 3 2018, 05:39 am
RIP iScribs~!
Commented by Annabeth
Thu, Aug 2 2018, 04:45 pm
F's in the comments boys, its been a journey since February 13, 2009. I was a stupid 11 year old but y'all kept me around. I spent so many sleepless nights drawing and pixeling with friends. FeelsBadMan pls no ban
Commented by subst
Thu, Aug 2 2018, 11:21 am
Not like this....
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Thu, Aug 2 2018, 04:39 am
rip in **** iscrib bc we totally dont want a reason explained as to why its dying but anyway
watch me on dA and hmu for discord haha https://www.deviantart.com/kamiyaxkenshin
Commented by bilko
Sun, Jul 15 2018, 12:19 am
Tried moving a bunch of my published stuff to my sketchbook and I've got a couple questions.
1.) When I go to view my Sketchbook, it says there's nothing in there. This a bug?
2.) How do I know how many slots I've got? I've donated a couple times I think but it's not super clear about how many I have.

Commented by subst: Yeah. It has been like this for over 2 years now, one of many symptoms of the never-finished general update.The site finds itself in this frozen WIP state with many of its feautres being broken/unfinished/disabled. Sketchbooks included, they seem to be stuck somewhere between the old system and some new, half-implemented idea. While you can still add your drawing into "Your sketchbook" it doesn't really end up there, instead it goes into this new gallery section called "Sketchbooks". As unfinished as it is, this gallery is not even listed among the others, you can only get there by clicking a link above the added drawing or by editing the URL. There doesn't seem to be any cap on how many drawings you can move this way but it's also uncertain how the whole thing works or was supposed to work once finished, so I would say it is just "use at your own risk" at the moment. The drawings will still be displayed on your profile page, just as they would with the old system. The old sketchbooks still exist but only display drawings that were added before the changes (~early 2016 and older). The donation-to-sketchbook-slots feature, whether it still works or not, effectively doesn't do anything atm.
Commented by Jacyll
Thu, Jun 28 2018, 10:56 am
Hi! I got a question. I'm thinking of starting to donate to iscribble more from now on. I want to help iscribble but I need to know if the money I give will be a big help or small help. I think it can be a good thing for many to know if someone could explain what the change would be. :) Becouse i really want to see this site get back on their feet and know what I give do help. ♥♥♥

Commented by becky: I don't think I could give you a precise answer on this but as far as I know donations go to server costs. I don't deal with anything to do with the donations but I have let tyb know about your message and hopefully he can give you a clear answer on this! :)
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Mon, Jun 25 2018, 02:30 am
bless ^
Commented by Undyne
Fri, Jun 1 2018, 01:00 pm
Any idea when Flash might be put back up?
Commented by vaporias
Sun, May 6 2018, 09:25 pm
I have a seriously massive question. Why are you guys removing/hiding drawings on user's profiles? Is this a glitch as a result of getting the server back online? I'd appreciate some feedback on this...

Commented by becky: Drawings are removed from Fun Doodles automatically (FD only holds 8 pages) it is not meant to be somewhere to permanently store your drawings, if you mean a drawing you have submitted to Category Proposals then it could have been rejected by one of the Moderators as it didn't meet the requirements (it is moved to Fun Doodles after). I was able to recover one of the drawings that you might have been referring to and I moved it to the Sketchbooks. You can find more information on how publishing and the categories work in our guidelines.
Commented by Vabam
Fri, Apr 13 2018, 05:25 am
LIVE!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHH!!!
Commented by Undyne
Mon, Apr 2 2018, 01:38 pm
Thanks for getting the site back up!
Commented by Chav
Mon, Mar 26 2018, 06:58 am
bzab brrr zippity doo doo widdly wee woww.
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Wed, Jan 3 2018, 01:18 pm
this site is broken as **** lmao rest in peace iscrib

Commented by Kitten: amen. Rip.
Commented by wobbow
Wed, Oct 25 2017, 12:07 am
Im on Windows 10, Chrome, and the circles tool is not as smooth as it was on Windows 7. I recently switched and i find it pretty annoying.
Commented by dee96
Mon, Oct 23 2017, 02:13 pm
HTML5 iScribble client does not load on QupZilla (running 2.1.2 on Windows 10)
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Mon, Oct 23 2017, 03:15 am
so when are you guys gonna re-open moderator applications? cause even though the site is dead we still need em. not that it matters to a lot of people tho
Commented by Flareblaze
Fri, Oct 13 2017, 12:11 pm
Havent been able to log in since day before yesterday with html5 version
Commented by boombaklops
Thu, Oct 12 2017, 09:48 pm
html5 is acting up on both firefox and chrome, i cannot log in on either
Commented by Jimi
Sat, Aug 19 2017, 03:45 pm
How about a iScribble/Youtube hybrid.
Commented by becky
Sat, Aug 12 2017, 08:16 pm
Hiya all. I just want to let people know we are aware of the issues happening with both Flash and HTML5 lately. I will just copy paste a previous comment by evn which also applies to these issues too

"Concerning the changes, we are still in transition and have almost no development happening lately. I hope we can resume it soon so that we can fix a lot of the things which do not function at least. There's a lot more to be done which doesn't particularly just make the website pretty. Unfortunately there's quite a lot of things that depend on having active development before we can move further with positive changes in terms of community. I am unable to assure you when, but can say that none of the feedback we have gotten (at least for me) falls on deaf ears."
Commented by JustUndead
Sat, Aug 12 2017, 07:42 pm
Flash Login is only working for some people. Html5 is still completely down. Not really sure what's wrong, but some of those that had their information saved to 'Remember this computer' were able to come back on. There's still hardly anyone on at all, most likely until the situation has been resolved.
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Sat, Aug 12 2017, 12:55 am
flash login is working again
Commented by Utatane.Piko
Fri, Aug 11 2017, 02:28 am
@rivaille the login went down, it happens
Commented by Rivaille
Thu, Aug 10 2017, 09:45 pm
cant login at all it just says "whoops something went wrong" ..:(
Commented by paprika
Mon, Aug 7 2017, 02:05 am
Will there ever be a way on html5 to make perfect lines like on flash by using line + holding shift?

Commented by Manti: There is a way to make 45/90 degree lines already. Hold Alt+shift while drawing a line.

Oh, thanks!
Commented by Krowphay
Sat, Aug 5 2017, 08:20 pm
HTML5 is actually working decently well for me in Chrome, I have considerably less lag while drawing than I did in Flash. I'm also loving the slight changes to the UI, especially the segments meter in boards! It's nice to have a visual reminder of when boards should be cleared for faster load times.

[Update: I'm having errors in all browsers each time I try to change the title or description of a photo. Also, is it possible to set profile pictures anymore? I can't find the option.]

Commented by Moderator: It's broken. RIP.

[Update 2: Found a way to set profile pictures! If you click to view an upload or pub and then remove "/gallery" from the URL, it takes you to a simplified version of the page where the old "Make this my profile picture" link can still be used. Clicking it successfully sets the picture and directs you back to your profile.]
Commented by Lorinell
Sat, Jul 29 2017, 05:12 pm
I can't enter in HTML5 from chrome and IE11. Both are updated. Is this will be fixed or not?

Commented by Moderator: Please try using FireFox to see if you can enter.
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