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Updated August 30, 2015

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Recent changes/improvements

  • 2014-03-01 - New gallery replay feature online.
  • 2014-02-24 - Various user interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • 2013-10-20 - We have now amended the FAQs concerning nudity on this site.
  • 2013-01-26 - Regular Users now may use the /join command (i.e. /join username).

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Commented by Neuro-chan
Tue, Oct 6 2015, 06:18 am
@Mheetu - Example here - http://imgur.com/70uMF7e

Thank you for replying!

Commented by Mheetu: Are you referring to the lag causing long straight segments, or is there a jaggedness that I'm not seeing? If it's the lag, that's common with Flash Player and low-end systems. We do have some optimizations being worked on, but they may not be out for another few weeks. The best I can suggest at this point in time is to reboot your system and close any background processes that are not required before using iScribble. Hope this helps!

Commented by Katrina: Make sure all your drives for your tablet are up to date too :) and that flicks are turned off!
Commented by Neuro-chan
Mon, Sep 28 2015, 03:31 am
Found my way back to iscribble after far too long - yay!
Unfortunately, I see the Windows 7 bug is still a thing - I tried to apply the tablet fix recommended, and my lines are still too jagged when I try to draw. :-(
That really bums me out, I was really hoping to doodle tonight. Do we know why this bug is a thing?
Many thanks!

Commented by Mheetu: If you're referring to the 3rd item of the list of known issues, that's not relating to any sort of jaggedness in lines. It's pertaining to the circle-click that happens due to Windows Ink and actually affects more than just Windows 7 users. I'm not currently aware of any issue that causes lines to be jagged. Could you please attach a screenshot illustrating the issue that you're having? Thanks :)
Commented by Foxley
Sat, Sep 26 2015, 04:02 am
There's a little problem with the highlight that I noticed.
Today, in session I decided to add a few selected words to my highlight box here and there, but then i noticed that other people's messages were being highlighted when I did not type any of the words they had typed.
I'm just going to assume this is a bug with the highlight, that it suddenly goes random when you add new words in session. Everything was fine and I did not get random highlights before it.
Just letting you guys know in hopes you can fix this minor bug :)
EDIT: also on another note, when I logged in this morning, the random highlighting still continued, I noticed that the highlighted words box is very sensitive to commas, and if you add an extra one at the end of your words, it makes other people's messages highlighted!

Commented by Moderator: Ah yeah, leaving a space or a comma at the end usually causes that. Getting rid of that should fix it (I believe), if it persists feel free to drop another note and we'll try to figure out the issue. 8)
Commented by Mheetu
Fri, Sep 18 2015, 11:03 pm
Animations, Animations, Animations!

That's right, we want to see what kind of animations you can come up with by taking advantage of the gallery replay system! With this in mind, we've brought back the 'animations' category!

Check out these older submissions by Steve, and tyb and sushi!
3D Animated Dog
Watersplash 1

Can't want to see what everyone comes up with!

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by Mheetu
Thu, Sep 3 2015, 06:56 pm
Unexpected Downtime

Hey artists!

Just wanted to apologize for the service outage between 08:00 - 16:00 UTC. It was taken down for some maintenance in the data center and we were unable to get it back online for several hours afterwards.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by Mheetu
Sun, Aug 30 2015, 11:54 am
Bug Notice

A recent release of Adobe Flash Player has caused a problem with the blur tool while loading some boards. We are aware of the issue and will be working to find a solution. In the mean time, we ask that you keep your usage of the tool to a minimum as it may break the loading process of the board you're in.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to have it fixed in the coming days.

See you on the boards! :)

Update (2015.08.31 19:30 UTC): We've released an update that should fix this issue.
Commented by Annabeth
Sun, Aug 30 2015, 02:23 am
I have asked this question once before but it's been I don't know how many years. I would like to remove a comment that looks like this

Drawing: friends~
Commented by Marlz
Mon, Apr 5 2010, 01:09 pm
Annabeth=*tard+dipshit+her ugly face

I enjoy going through old drawings made back then, but it ruins my fun when I see it.. Just wondering if it was an option or somebody higher up could take it down.

Commented by evn: Hello Annabeth! The comment in question has been removed. We do try our best with wanting to keep our community on good terms, so apologies for the delay in the assistance of this particular case. If there are any other comments of this nature please do let us know through the Contact Us link where we handle all support requests.
Commented by ashley
Tue, Aug 18 2015, 05:50 am
You guys should consider updating how many genders there are on your profile page. As of now, there are only two genders (male & female) when in reality a lot of people are not just male or just female. :) Just something I noticed. Non binary and other genders should be represented as well I think.

Commented by Mheetu: Our current system is meant to be more of a synonym with " *** ." While we recognize there are varying definitions between the two words, depending upon the dictionary you chose to reference; we currently do not have a system in place for specifying an individuals gender identification. If you do not wish to specify male or female, you're welcome to simply leave it blank or mention it in the "User Info" box beneath it.
Commented by RuddyIdiots
Thu, Aug 6 2015, 05:46 pm
Uh, IScribble won't work for me on Firefox. Works on IE, but that browser has so many adverts.

Commented by Mheetu: Can you please elaborate on what you mean when you say it "won't work"? Many of our users use Firefox as well as IE, Chrome, and Safari without issues. I'd suggest disabling any plugins/extensions you have installed in Firefox and try again.
Commented by Fudgeyberry
Fri, Jul 17 2015, 07:51 am
It's been awhile since I've been on Iscribble and so much has changed! I'm loving it! I do have an issue though, I'm not sure if it's in my tablet settings, or if its a compatibility issue between the board and my tablet, (Wacom bamboo) But, when I try to draw diagonally, it doesn't draw a natural line. It becomes jagged. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or is this a bug? :o Thank you! Keep up the hard work!

UPDATE: I just realized, Its not just on the board. It might be a resolution issue.
Example here: http://gyazo.com/f57cf4b5c74267fc78cd4075f4ee75d5
Thanks again!

Commented by yasu: I believe your problem is from your webpage being zoomed in. Try checking to see if your browser's zoom is set to 100% (default). :) Hope this helps!

Commented by Mheetu: Awesome, I'm glad you're enjoying the changes! :) Anyway, as yasu stated, it's probably your browser's zoom level. To reset it, click on the address bar, then press Ctrl + 0 (zero). Hope this helps!
Commented by Miasma
Wed, Jul 15 2015, 06:18 pm
Will the saturation issue with the circles tool ever be resolved, or is it considered a "feature" at this point?

Commented by Mheetu: It's hard to say with any level of certainty at this point in time. While I can't go into specifics, rest assured that we do have some things being worked on and many more items on our to-do list. :)
Commented by weylin
Mon, Jul 13 2015, 09:41 am
Can we report users for spamming requests for merges or clears? There's really no way to prove that they were doing it or succeeded.

Wouldn't mind having a stealth option for a report either, maybe a checkbox so it DOESN'T let everyone know a report was sent and therefore alert the one causing the problem to suddenly stop and play dumb? I don't believe they see the report text themselves, but other users might chime in about it and make it known they were just reported.

Commented by Mheetu: Yes, you can report them for that. When it happens, I'd recommend typing */save as quickly as possible*. Press Win + Print Screen or use a tool like Gyazo to *take a screenshot* of the poll window and chat, and *vote no*. That way, if it the poll succeeds, youll be able to reload the board. Furthermore, you'll have a screenshot of who initiated the request to clear/merge and the chat log. Afterwards, you can */report* and be sure to type a description of what happen so that we're informed upon entering the board.

Commented by Mheetu: Note: *Win + Print Screen* will automatically save a screenshot to C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\Screenshots
Commented by Mheetu
Wed, Jul 1 2015, 06:35 am
Server Status

Our services were interrupted and unavilable from 22:00 UTC on June 30th until 04:30 UTC on July 1st. We're aware of the recent server instabilities and will be working to isolate the cause of them over the next few days.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Mon, Jun 29 2015, 06:51 pm
It seems that lately you guys have been making a lot of changes in the general layout of iscribble. I appreciate your guys effort, thank you very much for all your hard work, making this place more interesting :)

on a slightly related note, when these changes occur, it just seems to take me by surprise, and often leaves me confused on how all the people know about these cool new stuff you guys are putting up because I don't often check the feedback page. So I want to make a feature suggestion: why not make a small box or something in the lobby that says something about the latest update? Like: "(date) A new update/feature has been added! see the feedback page for more information." Or something along these lines. If you think otherwise, that's fine too I guess being lazy to check the feedback page has its cons too.

Commented by RedString: I've been fightin' for a little-news-update box for years now because I definitely understand where you are coming from. However, I'm no developer and don't know the potential complications involved with implementing such a feature. Either way -- I'll make sure to bring it up. Thanks for the suggestion c:

Commented by Mheetu: Displaying news in the lobby isn't something that's been brought up, but we have discussed different ways of getting news out to our users in a more efficient and timely manner. While nothing has been implemented in regards to this topic, I do believe this is something that we all agree needs to be done and will be working to come up with some sort of news delivery system in the future. Something a bit more designated for it than the feedback page. :)

Commented by RedString: To be more specific, I have voiced my opinions on a news box on the iscribble home page as well as the log in page.
Commented by Mheetu
Mon, Jun 29 2015, 10:35 am
Development Update: Another Timely Update

While this isn't a huge update, we believe it to be long overdue. What did we add? Timestamps!

What? You don't want your chat to be spammed with timestamps? Don't sweat, we've made sure to give you the option of disabling them too!

Additionally, we've made a few changes to how the @Mentions work. After our last update, simply stating a user's name would highlight their chat. However, this became an issue for users who had names that were common words. As a result, we've changed the default behavior to require the @ symbol before a name to highlight that line. If you'd like for your name to be highlighted when the @ symbol is not used, you must add it to your list of custom words in the settings panel.

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by Pandamoniumb
Sun, Jun 28 2015, 08:49 pm
Well I made a post about this before, though i think no one understood what I actually meant, but I would love a tool that can be used as a line tool but the effect is that of an eraser tool.

Like a line eraser tool... That would be really useful in my opinion, so that when i want to make a see through effect with a straight line, i could use this tool.

Commented by Mheetu: Hey Pandamoniumb, thanks for the feedback! It's an interesting idea and I don't think I've seen this in any other program before. It's certainly something we can look into adding in the future, but our focus right now is on general improvements, bug fixes, and a few of the smaller feature requests. We'll keep this in mind for when we get around to working on the tools. :)
Commented by Krowphay
Sun, Jun 28 2015, 03:42 am
Love the new features! You totally fooled me with that post, Mheetu... making me feel like I was being used as an example, and wondering why it starts off by greeting me. :P

Commented by Mheetu: :D Glad you're enjoying the new features!
Commented by weylin
Mon, Jun 15 2015, 09:42 am
Woah, how did you do all that comment formatting down below and make user names show based on who's looking?
Err, at least I assume it's based on the viewer, unless you're just picking on me :lol:


nope that doesn't work :D

Commented by Mheetu: It's not a function available to the public. Sorry.
Commented by no
Sun, Jun 14 2015, 07:58 pm
i use incognito mode on my browser, and the highlighted words list disappears after closing the browser. is there some way to go around this, or can a fix to this be implimented? i'd rather not have to remake a highlight list every time

Commented by RedString: Incognito modes and other methods of private-browsing ensure that your browser does not save any information (cookies, caches, history) and resets itself after each reopen. Similar to your username and password you type in every time you log in, your highlight list must be treated the same way. While annoying I'm sure, your private browser is only doing its job. If I were in your situation, I would use something like Sticky Notes for Windows or Stickies for Mac where I can save and simply copy and paste from my desktop each time.

Commented by Mheetu: One alternative is to not use Incognito and set Chrome to "Keep local data only until you quit your browser." Afterwards, you can set [*.]iscribble.net as an exception.
Commented by RedString
Sun, Jun 14 2015, 07:28 pm
-You will never see your own text highlighted since it's only used to get the attention of someone else.
-When you leave the highlight color box blank, forgot to put a # before the color code, or mistype the code, the highlight color will show up as black.
-An @symbol is not a necessary prefix for highlighted words to be triggered.
-Any other prefix or suffix attached to an assigned word will disable the highlight trigger. For example if someone said "redstring" it will work, but "heyredstring" will not.
-Phrases and common symbols will work as assigned words.
-Assigned words are not case sensitive.

To pick a highlight color
1) Find a color you like and sample it on the canvas.
2) Use the color picker tool to highlight it.
3) In the chat box, type "#" then "enter." This will show you a series of italicized numbers and letters, otherwise known as the hex color code.
4) Copy the code into the highlight color box. This will automatically change your highlight color before you close out of the settings box.
Commented by Mheetu
Sun, Jun 14 2015, 05:50 pm
Development Update: Did You @Mention My Name?

Hey @Guest!

Today, we released an update which introduces @mentions and text highlights!

What are @Mentions?
@Mentions are a nice way of being able to capture the attention of someone you're trying to chat with. IRC chat clients have done similar things for years. They would implement alerts, highlights, and other forms of notifcations when your name was mentioned by someone in chat. While IRC chats aren't as popular as they once were, dozens of sites and services still use similar systems. In fact, Twitter's entire site is based around the concept of @mentioning another Twitter handle in order to message them.

On iScribble, all this basically means is that when someone says your name, prefixed with an @ symbol, it'll highlight that line of chat for you. This allows others to easily capture your attention, without you having to read every line of chat while you're trying to draw.

What's it Look Like?
Allow me to demonstrate...
Guest: Hey guys! :)
User2382: Hello
User2435: Yea, that looks awesome!
Mheetu: Hey @Guest!
User2435: Could probably use a little moar blur!
Guest: Sup @Mheetu, how's it going?

What are Chat Highlights?
In addition to highlighting your username, you can also set custom words that you'd like to be highlighted in chat. This comes in handy when your friends have other nicknames or alias' that they call you.

Awesome! Anything Else?
Indeed, there are a few other changes! With these new features come new settings. Therefore, we've created a new 'Settings' panel to house things such as font-size, enabling/disabling chat highlights, keywords, and colors. With that in mind, we've also gone ahead and made all of these settings auto-save so they'll still be there the next time you log in on your computer!

See you on the boards! :)
Commented by FPSMoto
Mon, Jun 8 2015, 11:59 pm

Does this undo command work for just my participation or would it undo everyone's? Also, does it work like a traditional undo where it just undoes the last pen stroke or can you set it to undo via segments?

For roleplay, why is that not needed? I can type a lot faster than I can write and I see people writing text on the whiteboard constantly in rp rooms. It'd just be nice if that were an option. Anyway, no big deal. What type of scripts are you referring to?

Also, it'd be nice to have a Private Message function rather than having to rely solely on public user comments on each user profile or feedback page. That way in the future I can respond to you without having to take up a bunch of extra space in the feedback area. :P Maybe it could be a paid feature coupled with increasing sketchbook page slots or something.

I'd imagine implementing a voting system like that would indeed be a pretty big undertaking, but I don't know what the development cycles are like here, organizational procedures to go through or how many 'active' devs there are to do such a thing. But, it is a suggestion in case that could be a possibility down the road sometime.

I think the idea for the rating system would actually have a positive effect, as you can see more precisely who voted X stars while everyone's votes remain anonymous.

Commented by Mheetu: Undo: The /undo <username> command will undo everything by the <username> specified and reload the board. Unfortunately, it'd be quite difficult to undo individual stokes due to the fact that we're working with rasterized graphics. In order to undo something, we have to re-draw everything up to that point. Roleplay: While it'd be ideal for those who roleplay, we try to prioritize what we work on based on the necessity and overall affect it'll have on the community. Although we welcome roleplaying, we are trying to cultivate a diverse community that embraces many different forms of art. Therefore, features that are targeted towards roleplaying have a much lower priority at this point in time. Private Messaging: You can already use /whisper to send a message to someone who is offline. However, we can certainly look into other possibilities, or ways to manage offline messages. As far as responding to feedback, we'd prefer that discussions be public as it can provide a source of information for others. Voting System: We've discussed a few possible changes to the voting system internally. Unfortunately, we're not ready to disclose such information at this point in time. Your feedback is greatly appreciated though, please let us know of any other questions, ideas, or concerns you may have. :)

Commented by Manti: Contacted. For future reference, please request for in-chat assistance if desired, though public discussions are preferred.
Commented by FPSMoto
Mon, Jun 8 2015, 09:28 pm
First of all, love the site. I like how I can ask questions and the community is pretty good at answering them and I like being able to share my experiences drawing with others. I have a few bits of feedback.

Have a guide/teacher mode that has a separate top layer only that someone can use to help teach people what they might be doing wrong or how to improve their drawings and things like that.

Add an undo button. It sucks when some random person decides to try to ruin your drawing or when you royally screw something up. An undo button on the drawing tools panel would be fantastic (but only if it undid your own participation).

Voting system and individual canvases for people who want to have drawing battles or games. Also, it'd be nice if the voting could auto switch whoever wins a game to judge for the next round. Could even make it where if the judge doesn't respond within X seconds, juj goes to next person, or allow a juj to pass it along to someone else. If you've heard of Cards against humanity, you might know there's a site online where you can play. Maybe take some cues from them on how their games are handled on the site. It'd be nice to also have a blind-draw battle/game so you won't know what someone else has drawn until the time runs out. Options to change the time limit should be available too and a ranking system would be nice, but I'm not sure if it would undermine the purpose behind iScribble.

Add a text option to the whiteboard.

Rating system
Add visual indicator showing how many stars people rated your drawing.
xxxxx stars (3 users)
xxxx stars (7 users)
*** stars (6 users)
xx stars (1 user)
x star (0 users)

Commented by Manti: Guide/teacher mode- This would not be preferred, as 1) Users may not prefer to be corrected in this manner, so it's better to allow the community to teach them, and 2) Users are often fine with drawing in their own way, and would not like being corrected. Undo button- Already implemented as a command. (Extra stuff for) Games- This seems to appeal to a small audience, as we primarily focus on the drawing/chatting aspect more than building upon games for our community. Implementing all these changes could also be demanding on our part. Roleplay- Not needed, and we do not allow scripts either. Rating System- I believe knowing this may negatively impact the votes of users or how they perceive the votes. Though most users can see the average rating of stars, and the total number of votes inputted.
Commented by Slash
Sun, Jun 7 2015, 08:28 pm
Potential freeing up of the cool usernames claimed back in 2009 by inactive users? I'd like to change my username to Slash but it's been taken by an inactive account, and it'd be nice for the users who use this website regularly to have their desired usernames.

Commented by Manti: We may allow this depending on the inactivity of the claimed account and number of namechanges requested (limit 5). For you and for the convenience of others who wish to request a namechange, please send us a form through the Contact Us link (see Mheetu's post below).
Commented by GHOST
Sun, Jun 7 2015, 07:49 am
Great changes! It's exciting to see improvements and effort to bring the community closer together. (:
Commented by Mheetu
Fri, Jun 5 2015, 05:44 am

Development Update: Let's Make Things Better!

One of the most amazing things at iScribble is it's community. Everyday, we get to see users interacting with each other and expressing themselves through some amazingly artistic drawings, interesting chats, and friendly comments both here and in the gallery.

While it may seem as if they often go unnoticed or get lost in time; we do hear and sincerely appreciate each and every piece of feedback we get. This is a community driven website and we want it to remain lively and active. That means we take our cues from you!

With all of the jibber-jabber aside; we've pushed out a few minor changes today. Those changes include a revision of the Gallery Guidelines as well as improvements to the design and navigation of the FAQ, Information, Contact Us, and Gallery Guidelines pages.

We realize these improvements are nothing to celebrate. However, they were minor changes that were long overdue. They still have a lot of room for improvement, and we're working towards that goal... But we're taking things one step at a time. This is progress and with progress comes hope, motivation, and more enthusiasm to get things done.

Let's make things better!
See you on the boards. :)

"Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne
Commented by KS
Tue, May 26 2015, 01:30 pm
Is this idle detection also set in motion when you manually put your status to away? And does it only detect activity through drawing or is chatting also considered as active?

Commented by Katrina: It's set to your activity rate. The away status comes into affect when you no longer draw/type in the tab. In theory it shouldn't lobby you as long as you are still active in the tab. And it will only kick you if another user wants to enter a full board that you are idling in!
Commented by Mheetu
Mon, May 25 2015, 04:41 pm

Development Update: We're not idle, are you?

We've implemented a new system for dealing with idle users in a full board. Never again will you struggle to enter a board due to idle users.

How does it work? If a user attempts to enter a board, it'll trigger a chain of events. Obviously, if the board is not full, the user is allowed to enter. However, if the board is full, it then looks for the user that has been idle for the longest period of time. If that amount of time is greater than 60 minutes, the user is moved to the lobby and access is granted to the individual trying to enter the room.

We'll monitor the situation and see how it works in the days to follow. But we believe this to be a fair solution to the problem we've been facing as it won't automatically remove idle users unless the room is full and another user is trying to enter.

Let us know what you think!

Commented by Slash
Wed, May 13 2015, 10:30 pm

Just an idea I had a looong time, but never got around to asking about. iScribble features the ability to sign in multiple times. And it'd be a lot easier for people with a lot of friends, some of which who sign in multiple times, to only show up once, but upon hitting a button beside their name would drop down and show where they're signed in, allowing the person to not have to go to their profile to see. The gray indicates they're signed in multiple times, and the straight color indicates they're only signed in once. ? :)

Commented by Mheetu: Very interesting! I had been thinking about this matter myself, though I've not gotten around to playing with mocks yet. It's nice to see how others would approach the issue. This has definitely earned my +1. :)
Commented by Scribbled-UP
Sun, May 10 2015, 09:06 am
Excuse me can someone change my username to Mixed-Scribblers? C:

Commented by Mheetu: For technical support and accounting issues, including username change requests; please contact us using the contact form. http://www.iscribble.net/contact.html Furthermore, please note that usernames may only contain a maximum of 12 characters.
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