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Commented by tremble

this is great!

Yes, it's great. I really love the ear.

Commented by hldani

Here kitty, kitty. Nice yawn :DI

Commented by Meryl

great yawn..it's just the bad breath that comes with it... :DI

Commented by Jennifer

One of my favourite newer pieces in a long time o:

Very very amazing.

Commented by OhFudge

Cute :>

WOw :D Amaazing

Commented by NJ.

lol looks like the little guy is yawning. nice one

WOW great job!!!

Commented by ribb


Commented by Milla

I love this one a lot more than most

Commented by FVL

I love the neck area, as well as the area around the eye. My eyes went straight to those areas out of amazement. :D

Commented by Selena

Beautiful 6:D

))) http://www.iscribble.net/gallery/picture207681.html

Commented by UpTop

:DI Amazing yawning :D

Indescribably amazing. Well done!

Commented by Nula

whoa.. how do so many people work on one amazing piece at the same time like that? It's VERY beautiful. (Funny thing is this drawing of a cat yawning induced a yawn from me)