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Commented by Rizdaw


Commented by MofoKal

It's too bad this is anonymus :c But this is amazing. Good job! 6:D

Commented by tasmid


Commented by Nemo55


nice! 6*

Commented by Meryl

I think I recognise this style.. excellent!

знакомый стиль...в любом случае круто получилось


Commented by Jme

YAY! Now I can comment. I think this pic is awesome <3 Congratulations Sweetie! I knew you would win. x=) x=*** and lol @ Meryl, I thought you would recognize his style too.

Commented by Bluefox

woohoo! ty honey =******* <3 and thank you all who voted for my pic :D

Commented by Jme

you're welcome Babykins <3

Commented by NJ.

congratss. great drawing

Commented by Spes

I knew who drew it too :) Lovely like always bluefox.

Commented by sushi


Congrats! : DD

Commented by Werssu

Really elegant ! :-) and great♥ I like it :-D