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Commented by Marko

Instant 6 like i promised (you pay me later as you said egl in no hurry with it)

Commented by Steve

this is like 6 material

Commented by Calypso

Wow, this is fantastic! Great job!

Commented by ink


Commented by bec

nice pic^^ definetely 6

Commented by stlfx

KEWL! :)

Commented by claire

really amazing!!! I love it !!!

Commented by Erk

damnit Egl that's awesome

Commented by orz

The best part about it kids is that no blur, dots or auto circles were used, just skill and dedication. Awesome work Eigil, hope this makes it on CGS.

the bar has been raised bitches....amazing egl...AMAZING!

Commented by Knave

wonderful, original stuff

Commented by Ann

:D beautimous

Commented by Kat

Nice view :D

Commented by Andy

you know ;D

Commented by Noah

Its number one in my book, simply bad-ass status.

Commented by Suntan

Elg, ....Deluxe in every way. You 're very talented, this is magnificent, I'm enjoying every bit of it. :D

Commented by icecold

This is very nice!!!:D

Commented by Jme

yay! wonderful Eigil x=)

Commented by Bluefox

Excellent pic! =)

Commented by knick

Perfection :D

Commented by Patrick

i dunno what to say this is too good

Commented by Icesane

Them clouds are the sexor. and OMG does that person have blue hair :D don't listen to them saying this is 6 matterial bah. this is like a uber 8.

Commented by Ybur

Holy shit.

Commented by Dingo


Commented by gemmar

Holy crudsickles. Incredibly wonderful

Commented by Izecold

o_O ...simply o_O

Commented by Min

is that a naked chick sunbathing on that porch? o_O its a nice looking city :D

Commented by sue

wow...Great job!!!

Commented by Prrrr


Commented by Ashton

F#¤% Sake ! Thats Great !

O_O im speechless...

Commented by vgking

Stop being so good, it's ruining it for the rest of us!

Commented by Meryl

Absolutely Awesome Egl... I love your drawings, but this one is.. just wonderful! :D

Way to kick ass and take names, Egl! :D

Commented by Rebecca


thats hawt...

Commented by Paleiko

i dont believe that this is drawn :O it's photographic! and that sky in the background is just stunning.!!!!

Commented by tyb

great amazing awesome :D cool lighting too

I've seen better..... pshhh

Commented by Andy

midnitemyst>> show me :D

Commented by Melyn

Commented by Dared

yeah... i think she's naked.... nicely done, its amazing XD :)

id give it a 12 if i could

*speachless* (you should be proud)

:0 CENSOR CENSOR! haha amazing picture. quite breathtaking :)

Commented by pancake

uhm WOW

Commented by Zaff

6star for sure!PERFECT!!!

Commented by Yogluva

absolutely excellent!!

sweet!!!!=o mega :partyping: 100 stars!!!!!

I think this drawing (in the link) is that city far off to the left. it's bright over at the city far off to the left, and there's a distinct cloud fromation there.........

Commented by Pavlo

No puedo creer lo que estoy viendo!!! congratulations, another perfect job...

Commented by SmART


wanna teach me?

O_________________O I hope whoever rated this under a 6 is shot.


Commented by Brie

6! :D

PERFECT DEFINITE 6!!!!!!! =) :ping:

Love it :D

whoever rated 5 should be considered downvoting and banned, cause this is by far the most amazing picture in the entire site. it should be a six no question. i just don't see how anyone could even think of this as a 5. id like to see them do better than this.

Commented by iToy

OMFG so nice how u did that i love it :ping:

Commented by LeneLeue

Gorgeous. Absolutely jaw-dropping. I cannot understand how this isn't a perfect 6. WHO DID THAT? *looks around violently*

Commented by vgking

Whoever voted not six should die :evilsmileywithgun:

It's a definate 6 from me! Well done, but very unfair, how could you just hog all the talent like that!

Commented by tyb

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Commented by Spyda

nice video:) this pic is so unbelievable.

you are a legend. ;)

omfg i missed this somehow. its amazing. loved the replay btw 10 lol

This is comment!!! Nothing i could possibly say could possibly be good enough!! 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 666

Commented by Beta

Whoever rated this 5 should go to hell!

I agree with Beta, who the hell gave this a 5 D:

Commented by Ybur

I still can't get over how wonderfully you used lighting in this one, so much hard work went into this I bet. :)

Commented by ey51

there was no 7 :D

Commented by zhaxion


Commented by pwanza

steve this is way more than 6 material, i'd give it 10/10, i'd give a oscar award for it XD

Commented by flazid

damn i envy you jk lol... your pictures are stunning!

there is a spot in hell reserved for the person who rated this a 5. very nice pic dude no saying otherwise 6 :)

i rate 9/6 :)

Commented by Steven

9/6 would equal 1.5 ;)

wow...this got down-rated to 5.98? used to be 5.99...and that other pic, "Forest Deep" topped is like a downvote for this...this should be like 1000000000000000000000 x 10000

Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the sky! :D

Commented by Phalcha

Wow. Really wow.

Great job on the drawing. Must've really taken a lot of time to draw that, let alone put all the intricate details. Also, a very original concept for the draw. Once again... great job!!!

Commented by UUGR3

bananas!!! :)

Commented by als-e

This drawing is perfected, and i thought there was no such thing as perfect once. I could watch that video again, and again, and again. Very Nice.

Commented by ottawan


Anyone who voted under a 6 should die >>

Commented by uriz

intriguing buildings and vivid clouds. I see why this drawing is on top. 6/6 I wouldn't try sitting outside at this altitude though, i'm afraid i'd lose more than that headcloth :3

Commented by Kino

O brave new world... XD

Commented by azam91

Amazing stuff!!!

lool i didnt notice the wonman on the side until i saw the viedo XD

Commented by tycoon

this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shit

Commented by j0j0

love it :'D

It looks like Coruscant. This is some wicked shit man!

Amazing, Simply amazing

wow that is unbvelievable and i aint kidding

Commented by Deca


Commented by Tegan

By far, the best drawing on iscribble.

Commented by yayah

really nice and creative.was it work the work though?

:ping: :DI 6:D

Commented by Sara295

amazing! O: 6 stars! (: If I was that girl over on th side there, I would be paralyzed O_O It would be so scary up there I bet! O:

Commented by Quincy

omg I do not know how u do it!

Commented by Arcee14

O_O -is speechless-

Commented by thye

o-omg fffkljdkjhsd;lskj';fjhdskjbsd OTL SPEECHLESS. ;A;!!!

Commented by iLaurie

WOW awesome :)

Commented by saxa

holy shit datz awesomez! lol

Commented by lakitu


Commented by amzly

wow a LOT of work must have gone into tht! and theres even a tuny bit of city in the background! i just couldnt have the patients 6:D

Yeah..its totally beautifull and awesome one of the most amazing iscribble drawings i ever saw :D

An friend doens't likes this .______. She's crazy O.o

Dude.... this is sooo good. Someone pinch meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commented by DeJay

Where's the 1,000 on the ratings?

That must have needed a lot of patience. o:

Commented by Zastien

Thats bloody insane :D 10/6 here C:

Commented by vwn754h

OMG!!! like 350k in segments!!! also it looks sordav like matrix, but not really... Its really really good. i just wish u could teach me... >.<


Commented by samson50

that's fricken amazing! O>O'


6:D Awesome! Epic!! AWELSOMELY EPIC!

Commented by Crazzy1

WHOOOOOO! Amazing work done! 849720314/6! :D And i also like the lady :P Overall, OMG YOU ARE MY IDOL :D EPIC.

Commented by CassieJ

YOU CHEATED! This is too good to be a drawing. D:

Commented by dphase

This is very nice. I wonder if you take requests?

Commented by Pillars

This is six freaking stars.

whats wrong with circles....

Commented by Mocha

I think I was there it was about half done and now it looks AMAZING.

Commented by ImYuri

EPIC! the light source is amazingly accurate and the detail is stunning! I love the clouds! :D Amazing job :D well done :D

Commented by cubify

some biach rated it 5. :/

Excellent mood created with the sombre darkness of the city. One piece of constructive criticism: I think the buildings are slightly wonky, distorting the perspective. For example the centre left tower is marginally crooked towards the left as it rises, bending a bit. However, I love the clouds, and the design work is truly exceptional. Just a bit more neatness would give it a better futuristic/sci-fi feel. 5. :)

Commented by Harrow

And when a strong gust of wind blows, there suddenly seems to be a need for fencing. :L

This looks like Cybertron. o3o


Commented by Sandra

:O! amazinggggg~

Commented by opluixa

great work

Commented by D-Lite

Wow, I remember this.

Commented by TailsMix


Commented by TailsMix


Commented by Selena

**Impressive** :DI

Commented by Cheimi

Absolutely stunning. The thought of the future scares me though. ;;

Commented by D-Lite

Takes me back, nostalgia mannn.