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“Avatar - This is where my heart belongs”

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A drawing by alien.xx
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Thu, Jan 14 2010

Ending Time

Tue, Jan 19 2010


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Watched the movie recently, and I really adored the colours.
Wanted to make a replica of some sorts, I hope it's pretty close c:
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Drawing Rating: (5.97)

User Comments

Commented by court
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 08:17 am
amazing, this turned out very good :)
Commented by Animalover
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 08:52 am
Oo~ One of the best Avatar fanarts on iScrib thus far <3!
Commented by alyss-kun
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 08:55 am
this is so amazing! I saw it and I just flipped out and showed all my friends.
Commented by Mincymoo
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 09:19 am
*does some strange bucket-related dance* Yaay! You got it done~! dOWOb and.it.looks.AWSOOOOOME : D It looks very real and it's so cuuuuuuute! I wish I could live there. : D
Commented by elly
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 09:53 am
wow! really amazing! i love it :DI
Commented by Hearn
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 10:19 am
Amazing, Alice C:
Commented by Kimie
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 11:36 am
i really like this, its wonderfully done C: beautiful piece <3
Commented by Jennifer
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 11:38 am
Well done, the detail is really nice.
Commented by Paleiko
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 01:37 pm
the tree limb, where the orange-ish frond is sticking out, my favorite part. Overall, excellently done.
Commented by Werety
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 04:35 pm
Oh my god! It looks so good! I really love how you used the circles on the waterfall. (best on scifi & fantasy, 9th on all) :)
Commented by Joya
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 05:44 pm
I love all the details. One of the few Avatar drawings thats worth looking at (:
Commented by Sarona
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 08:44 pm
Wow :o this is absolutely stunning, I love all the trees and the colours <3
Commented by julee
Tue, Jan 19 2010, 08:48 pm
well done:D
Commented by iHinata49
Wed, Jan 20 2010, 03:57 am
Holy wowzas!!!!
Commented by cheetahwings
Wed, Jan 20 2010, 04:09 pm
That's amazing! <3
Commented by Meryl
Wed, Jan 20 2010, 06:19 pm
Looks fabulous, I too love the long tree limb and all the detail there :DI
Commented by crayola.
Thu, Jan 21 2010, 05:17 am
brill (:
Commented by Jajakeish
Thu, Jan 21 2010, 06:44 am
beautiful just beautiful
Commented by sode
Sat, Jan 23 2010, 12:55 am
both parts (left and right) are reproduced really well from their respetive original images. I like how you put them together to create this drawing.
Commented by haru.
Sat, Jan 23 2010, 02:48 pm
Wtf Ali. That's AMAZING :O
Commented by Tanzi
Sun, Jan 24 2010, 02:18 am
film = amazing. this = amazing.
Commented by ilovebluee
Mon, Jan 25 2010, 03:20 am
Nice job!
This is really good
Commented by MikaVolk
Mon, Jan 25 2010, 04:59 pm
Это прекрасно!
Commented by Uke
Fri, Jan 29 2010, 05:32 am

Heehee I remember watching some of this being done. <3 I love it.
Commented by bbdogrocks13
Sun, Jan 31 2010, 06:03 am
amazing. :D easy 6
Commented by Everybody
Sun, Jan 31 2010, 02:38 pm
I don't know how ANYONE can rate this under 6 stars. =)
Commented by snoweh
Fri, Feb 5 2010, 08:27 pm
i was looking at the small view of this and it looked like an avatar form of Renee Walker from 24
Commented by Cupids
Sat, Feb 6 2010, 10:28 am
its beautiful =]
Commented by Koshikawa
Sat, Feb 6 2010, 03:37 pm
Commented by Halabaluza79
Sun, Feb 7 2010, 04:23 pm
Commented by soychan
Sat, Feb 13 2010, 05:06 am
OH MY GOD YOU MUST BE AN ARTIST BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! you need to go into an artistic career if you arent in one already...
Commented by tremble.del
Wed, Mar 3 2010, 03:06 am
pretty :)
Commented by sonoreo
Mon, Mar 8 2010, 05:21 pm
lol i remember seeing this as i was board hopping :D
Commented by LittleCoCo
Thu, Apr 1 2010, 04:54 am
**** thats so awesome (:
Commented by Meryl
Tue, Apr 27 2010, 10:00 am
Finally I've seen this film so wanted to make another comment, I love the way you've captured the essence of the film and put your own mark on it.. very well done.. :DI Film was AmAzinG!!
Commented by Amy-paarden
Tue, May 25 2010, 12:44 pm
WAWW <3 that eye <3
Commented by Hazelwhisper
Mon, Jan 10 2011, 04:47 am
This is AWESOME :O
Commented by summer1
Mon, Jun 27 2011, 10:50 am
me too love them

great beautiful
Commented by InvaderCom
Fri, Dec 16 2011, 10:15 pm
that eye is well i cant explain...... O.O words cant explain the eye O__O
Commented by Faunatar
Tue, Jan 7 2014, 11:31 pm
best picture of all iscribble <3