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Commented by Hayden

concept stop making me faint.

Commented by BEATNGU



Commented by JW


IT'S A PHOTO! ITS A PHOTO!!!~~ Lols, breathtaking :D

Concept is insane. -_-;;

Commented by Weedie

CONCEEEPTIEEE!!!! Why did u colour soo well?! *Strangles concept* :D 6:D

the richter of iscribbuleu

Commented by shwa


Commented by unHalo

Concept, you've outdone yourself. Truly incredible.

Commented by scimmia

love it, veeeery pretty!

Commented by pwanza

finally finished 6:D

realism rules ☻☻☻ 6:D

Commented by Janis

So Amazing!!! goooooood :D

Commented by Ziggy

WOOOOOT???! wth, this IS a photo! :O

Commented by petra


Commented by buzhide

wow.. so many coming from u lately. ;)

WOAH nice :DI

Commented by dodu


Commented by ni

I bow down to you. _| ̄|○

Commented by Sagitta

Wowwwwww so real, ****** 6 !!!!

Commented by Spyda

very nice! =)

wow :O

Commented by Saphy

Holy shit wtf ._.

Commented by Luk

colors are awesome, drawing too!!!

Damnit Concept, you're going to take the HOF by storm!

holy crappage this is an absolute favourite @@ sunny~

Commented by Saphy

No, seriously. How did you do that.. ?

Commented by Meryl

awesomely realistic :DI

this is un-real, ;p

Commented by ArriLou

Oh my gosh, that's amazing! It looks like a photo! :D

Commented by Ybur

holy shit it still looks like a photograph in full form fantastic!

Commented by Ashton

6:D :DI fantastic !

Holy crap. Awesome.

so real =O

You need to stop being so amazing... honestly. YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO SUCKY! But anywho, this is ridiculously amazing... :D

Commented by Andy

Andys' power!!!! ;D

Commented by Suntan

You are just unbelieveable!! I LOVE it! :D

Commented by vero24

That's amazing xD haha.. I bet every time you finished one of those petals you went "and now againnn" before starting another one lol... truly unbelievable =) great job

Commented by Concept

Lol, yeah.. i now dislike the colour orange, and flowers in general.

IT'S A PHOTO DAMNIT ;_; Well done :D

Commented by Calypso

Perfection. 6 from me

THAT'S INSANE! The thumbnail was clearly incredible, looking like a photo, and even when you look at it closer it STILL looks like a photo! How the CRAP did you DO THAT!?

Commented by j0j0

very nice :'D

I already love it because of the great use of orange. And I adore it for the focus effect :)

Commented by GASP

u asshole this looks too good :D 6*

Commented by Paleiko


SO freaking beautiful!!!

Commented by SmART

what they all said :)

you are truly da shit. If anyone rates it under 6 ill chop your face off then shove it in ur ear :]

Commented by Wewfie

mmm so colorful

Commented by queenie

: )

Commented by Nizzle


Commented by hldani

Get outta here! This is a photo .... :o

Well that's just the shizz isn't it?

Commented by Rebus

Well done

how in the world... that looks like a photo. you are going to wipe us all out of the hall of fame if you keep this up

Commented by sue


Commented by elly

i'm very much in awe

lol I thought I rated this already and commented, turns out I didn't, maybe I'm going senile. Fantastic work as always!

Commented by Concept

Lol.. senile.. i guess that makes two of us.

Commented by vgking

The first person to vote a 5 shall be killed, this is perfection of the scribbley kind

Commented by Chadius



BLASPHY. Why must you do so well, it's just iScribble! ;)

WOW! o_o amazing!

Commented by Longcat

I'd say that's exceptional

OMFG THATS SO FAKE!!! LOL J/K!!!! dude this is amazing! i cant freakin get over it!

Holy Crap O_O) I'd give ANYTHING to draw like that This is amazing it looks so real, I'm still not sure if it's a drawing and not a picture 6:D

Commented by Smoo :)

Commented by Thea

How. The hell. Concept. ....Seriously.

Commented by HEFlash

that is beautiful!

Commented by Saphy

Ahhhh, this is never going to budge from 6 for very long. Remarkable talent ftw

>:[ Come on, Concy, that's not even a drawing.

Commented by Longcat

I think just about everyone on iScribble has commented on this XD

Commented by Melyn

oh dear geezus! this is amazingg... <_<

Amazing It looks just like a photo!

Commented by Reptar

Not bad. I'm kidding it's awesome, but obviously you know that.

I'm scared with your skills and talent, Mr Concept =w= ;;;;

Commented by Sirap

It's perfect! Why is the rating only 5.99?!

Commented by Ravenn

At first when I saw the thumbnail I thought "It's a photo." When I saw the entire thing I I thought "It's a photo." HOW DO YOU DO IT

the reference is a standart windows Vista Wallpaper?

Commented by bec

I have that actual picture as my desktop o__o (is using windows vista) Love the drawing! <3 it's so close to it

Commented by Concept

yeah i wanted to find the brightest and most colourful picture i could find. Plus i wanted to use the blur tool..

*Tries to pick flowers through screen* Darn it, I swear they were real when I looked!

6:D6:D6:D!!!!!!!so amazing!!!!!!!!:partyping:

I'm not going to believe it till I see the Re-Play...

PICTURE! haha, dang.. i thought it was

Commented by Pavlo

omg thats a real flower ¬.¬..... awesome 7...



Commented by Doodle

The greatest drawing on iscribble

Commented by Sorraa

:O... Concept = the Best! :D

Commented by Yarn

Rediculously well done you bastard.

Commented by isun

Stunning...gorgeous colours :)

Commented by Jeans

At first I thought it was a photo. I clicked the link and continued to stare at it. And i still thought it was a photo... it IS a photo! Or is it? T_T No one will ever know O: Another great piece Concept. Rock on XD

Quote: I think just about everyone on iScribble has commented on this XD not me....crap...6:D dats all i can say, oh yeah, and when da replay comin?

I bet mother theresa masturbates to this drawing.

I just creamed my pants 0__0

Commented by Hayden

hahahaahhaha bren. creeeeeam.

Commented by sl33p1e

AMAZING ARTWORK! This is so insane!

Commented by S22K

o.o 0.0 O.O ()o() X WOW. this is..... amaziiing...... oh my.... what the... its so- *faints*

Usually excessive blurring really puts me off, but you pulled it off nicely. This might seem obvious, but.. The blurring of the background and the sharpness of the flowers in the foreground is really (augh) amazing and photo-realistic.

Commented by Yadda

I can't beleive this isn't a photograph Your skills are beyond my imagination.

Commented by yayah

the petals look so smooth i want to touch them

Commented by puffball

is this a picture?

I never commented this?...strange...anyway it looks so real!

Six :o=

Commented by z0mg

It only took two days?

i hate you .... jk but seriously i envy your skills this is soo good :D

Commented by maya91

6:D smashing

OMG this is a PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commented by Quincy

!!!!!!!so amazing!!!!!!!!

Commented by pancake

this has to be a actually speechless

Commented by Fox-

It's amazing! It's hard to tell if it's a photo or not...

I was looking at Vista computers at Sam's Club and there was a background on one of them that looked EXACTLY like it. Nice work, Concept.

Commented by Phails

Omg, that is...o_o ...A photo.0:

Commented by predben

so.. how do you get photos onto iscribble...... thats *****ing awesome!!!

Commented by Makoce

..that has .. to be a photo...

nice i need to learn how to do that

Commented by Panther

Wow so Amazing, it could be a photo, It looks like it is. Really good keep up teh good work :D

Commented by thye

o-omg are you for serious? ;A;;; you godly person, you. "OTL

oh my god. Concept your awesome :P

Commented by ZeeWee

GREAT Detail!! I love this!

Commented by Guitta


Commented by Mieran

OMG O_o This is fantastic! 8D Youre good :D

wow that looks like a photo!!! (is it a photo? XD) Awesome work! <3

Commented by sl33p1e

No, its not a photo, Purplekitty. :p

wow that looks so real!

Commented by Kthnxbai

That is so gorgeous; it's stunning! Excellent job, Concept! :]

wow it looks SO real - thats amazing

Commented by Rainess

HOLY COW... This is awesome... the colors are exceptional. <33 very nice :'D

Commented by tikimiku

Wow. This is amazing. Are you sure it isn't a photo? xD Great job! =)

Aaaaaand, you make us all look like rookies. 6:D

Commented by Sabrina

We are rookies <3 :D AWESOME JOB, CONCEPT.

Commented by Hisakata

That's SO amazing!

Commented by Ume

its nearly perfect all though the bg is blurred too much

Commented by aero

really amazing o____________o

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!

omg i don't even believe thats its a drawing

Awesome very pretty! And you had a reference too!

I hate you. ;_; <3333333333

how the hell did you do that????? it's amazing!

i demand to know where you refed this from

Wow O.O You REALLY drew that! AMAZING! STUNNIGNG! I'm...I'm speechless!

Commented by pauljs75

Too bad the gallery doesn't do replays like an active drawing. I'd like to see how it progressed. Might be worthwhile to put a screen recording time-lapse on YouTube next time around. But yeah, what everyone else said - still looks like a photo at full size. Impressive!

ypu DREW that?!?!!? :O no way!!!!! ish awsome!!!!! XD

Commented by nyadrake


WOW! That is just....GAWD that is good. It looks so real, I will never know how you did that 0.0 Pure skill.

holy *****!!!!!!!! i can beleve you did that O.o

*Chokes on her soda* OMG... That's REAL!You should be an artist for a living.

This is crazzy 6 all the way this picture looks way to REAL not like some of the others that when you go close up look fake

photo! photo! photo!

Commented by kirzi


Commented by pupcake

6:D AWESOMENESS! it looks soo real!

:D****** awesomeness

best i've ever seen. fantastic work.

Commented by Legos

next time, try a little harder.

How, How did you make such a masterpiece!? I'm seriosuly blown away! AMAZING!!

Commented by Vertman

I still think it's a photo..

A true example of talent.

This IS a photo... right? O.O It can't possibly be a drawing... I mean, even on photoshop, no one could do that... O.O'' Srsly. Did you draw that?? D: If so.... O0o woah... A-amaz-z-z-z-z-zing..!!!! D'8

is this photo!?!?!?!?!?!?!? orrr drawing?!?!?!?!?! i dont know?!?!?!?!!?!

I thought it was a photo it's so good. =D

My eyes are still bleeding.

Commented by Bleen

That would be a breathtaking photo, never mind a painting! Love the composition, and the delicious, bright yellows.

omg how do u do this its soooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

This.. Looks like a photo.... o_o STOP BEING AWESOME

lol, the flower to the right looks kind of unfinished :( FIX IT!

Haha, on Windows Vista, there's a sample pic just like that. You probably used a reference, but, I don't really care, it's just amazing that someone can draw that good. Urgh, I can actually draw pretty good in real life, but I can't on here sence I don't have a tablet. Oh well. Overall, ah-mazing.

Commented by Eiskalt

0___0 Holy......

OMG you are awesomee die

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It looks like a pic from WMM


Oh wow, this is incredible. O_O

This photograph is spectacular and it's simplisity just blows me away. The colour makes my eyes water I have never seen anything so life looking that was drawn. I couldn't do better myself. I would be lying to give this picture any lower than 5 stars.6:D

I don't think you drew this though. D: It looks too close to the sample picture on my desktop! I just noticed it now. My apologies if you DID draw it.

Commented by Concept

lol, it IS the Windows sample picture..

Wow, how did u...*dizzy*. This is increadible, god I wonder how you did it!

Commented by xxCille


Concept, your art continues to make me look in awe. bravo, once again.

It's absolutely amazing that someone has the ability to sit down in front of a computer and draw something that looks so real... You truly have talent, and if there is a god, you have been blessed.


Commented by Ume

the right-middle flower looks like it has a heart in it

Commented by Lotita

Thats AWESOME how did u do that????? its perfect i love it!!

Commented by Alixx

OMG! That is SO GOOD! THATS A PHOTO! NO WAY! That is SO good!


Looks exactly like a photo :O Fantastic job!

Commented by haru.

you should totally do the mona lisa or something :D tis epic, as usual. you are possibly the most talented person on earth. ^-^ seriously, nice job :D

Commented by Stormly

Amazing :D

awesome <3

Commented by xxCille


Commented by mimluv

Damn! it screams epic! i thought it was a photo!

Omfg looks like its real!!! Amazing!

concept quit making me die of lookingat all your great art >:| 6:D

omg ur ref picture is the same as one on a slideshow on my laptop. i can tell its not the actual pic though. its gorrggeeeooouuuuussss

are you sure this pic wasnt uploaded 6:D

and it only took for days :0


Commented by QuainOMG



Commented by Sunnysky

.. wow. just.. wow. O.O

this doesnt even look like a drawing! it looks like you went outside and took a picture! amazing just amazing

I've never seen anything like it. breathtaking...

Commented by Sarona

LIES this is a photo posing as a painting D:< Jk jk I love the colours used and the amazing blending. The placement of the shadows really give it depth.


Absolutely stunning.

Commented by potaeto

No ref?? :o=

This is a fake! Proof: 1. Go to your sample pictures 2. Windows Vista 3. Look for Garden.jpg 4. Compare both pictures and then tell me which one is the real ;) My Opinion: THis picture is fake because the "original" on my computer looks exactly the same as the one here Is this an upload or a drawing? o.O Everyone should know this is fake @irishbelle17 Is right Thanks and no hate or nothing intended just wanted to make the point that this picture is FAKE!!!!!!!!! P.S. rated 2 stars

@XxVividxX Seems like some people are: 1. unable to accept real talent 2. unable to understand one CANNOT upload pictures to the gallery on iscribble 3. are unable to control themselves ... Why did you give this 2 Stars? I tell you why. You are too narrowminded and to selfish to accept that someone can be as great to draw something photorealistic like that. Its a shame you are on iscribble.

Commented by Enezis

wow o_o it's a photo, very good job!

Commented by Concept

XxVividxX - I thought it was fairly obvious i had drawn this from a photo.. oh, by the way i happen to use Vista. Coincidence..? Well done Sherlock Holmes. If you still don't believe me, i can show you the room i drew it in and you can watch the load yourself :)

*6* WOW great!


its hard to believe this is a drawing. this is just wow (:

haha i am a bit late on commenting but this is great!!! can you show me the room you made it in :P oh and how the hell did you do this in only three days. if i had done it it would've taken me years and still not have loooked that good lol xD

Commented by Luzak

I can't believe that this is just a drawing... epic.

HOW THE HECK!? Lol, this is amazing.[;

this is amazing all the same but the proof it ISNT a photo: you can see how the circle tool was used in the background look carefully, see the different circles silly, narrow minded people ;D amazing, once again, concept

Commented by drums.

the lobby, nice photo btw

Commented by aerugo

This is pretty

WOAH! How do you DO that? :O amazing.

Commented by Muah

absolutely brilliant. 6 stars without doubt.


How is this not real?????

Commented by Anutik


This isn't real? How is it not real? Are you kidding me? This is real,it's real! :O

This does not look like a drawing You are incredible. You're the iscribble God.

This does not look like a drawing You are incredible. You're the iscribble God.

Commented by lewolf


Please give me lessons :l

This looks like a photo you'd take. So.. realistic.. I envy you. Amazing Job ;A; 6:D

THAT.. is awshume :D

"hyper realism"


I thought this was a photo O.o AMAZING

holy crap that's AWESOME! :D

;A; it looks just like a photoggraph... You sure you drew it on here? xD

Commented by MetalS

this is a horrible rendition andrew do it over

you drew that? on here? srsly?

i wish i could draw like that :D


Holy crap!I thought it was a photo, for sure D:

Commented by bibty





and it only took 3 days? =O

is it just me or are all the colors to all the pictures in all of iscribble negative?

Concept, why do you do this when you could become famous and actually earn something? D:

How can you be serious??!! This is awesome!!

Nice...PHOTO! With that being said,I must say that this is one of the few great photoreferenced works here :D!Undoubtedly gets a 6 from me~~

....uhm..this is one of the default pictures i have on my computer.. ...and it dosnt look like you used any iscribble tool at all.. ^_^;;

Sooo Realistic *o*

I want to lick it...

Commented by Jump

It's looks so realistic it's un-realistic.

This is not a drawing!!!

This is so good i cant even see brush strokes!!! It looks like a photo!!! rate: 1-10 my rate: 12083029372093702937245364389642894`60468392463046128493047829146398401

Commented by Imaan

It look like a photo :O i love it !

this is sick o.o <3

you've mastered hyper realism now.

Commented by Ahoyluv is astonishing! at first i thought it had to be a picture. but omg this is sooo exceptional!!!! no words to decribe how awed I am of this

whoever downrated this... you should be downrated! you are just jealous, because guess what? this is the best drawing on iscribble.

Commented by Yukiiwa


Commented by Narthus

Haha, wowww. God is good for letting people obtain such tremendous amounts of talent.

Commented by Aceri

Man you're amazing!

damn that looks real

Me: "They drew it.. they drew it... no.. no.. haha.. they drew it... no.. haha cool".

Wha-whaaaaaaa?!?! Someone rated this less than a 6?!?!

60801 views. how does concept do it???? At first i was wondering why there was a photo in the gallery, i even zoomed up real close, but it was no use. I was firmly convinced that it was a photo. But then i totally realized that there would never be a photo in the gallery. -facepalm- -.- thats how good it is. good enough to make me facepalm myself for thinking it is a photo. Concept, I have never seen i better piece of artwork in my life, (that was made on a computer). This is just truly AMAZING. You have a HUGE amount of talent. 6 stars all the way!! I have no idea why or how anybody could rate this lower than a six, but it most likely because the person is jealuos that they can not draw as well as Concept. Kepp up the good work Concept. ~BrookeAires who is sorry that this is so long.

Commented by Marina


Commented by Capella6

How... who... Is this a photograph or.. or.. or drawing? Both would be amazing...

Commented by Thoytsi

Just like, everyone on iScribble has commented here xD THATS BECAUSE ITS BLOODY AMAZING. CONCEPT STOP MAKING ME FAINT To quote the first commenter :)


Commented by Zooboy

If this was on another site that didn't show the segments, I wouldn't believe you if you told me this was a drawing. Amazing.

masha Allah , its so awesome !

Commented by Shebaa


amazing, just amazing! :D

Commented by Kloz

Очень красиво!))

incredible. this piece really sets the standards for realism here!