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“Cigar Break”

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A drawing by Lexiiiii
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Fri, Jun 19 2009

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Mon, Jun 22 2009


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Drawing Rating: (5.96)

User Comments

Commented by Luk
Mon, Jun 22 2009, 10:18 pm
Commented by Joya
Mon, Jun 22 2009, 10:19 pm
This is REALLY amazing, So detailed.. wow. just. wow.
Commented by scimmia
Mon, Jun 22 2009, 10:31 pm
i cant stop looking at that hand.... just for that id give you 10!
Commented by Mrsteacups
Mon, Jun 22 2009, 10:48 pm
Commented by AcidRainbows
Mon, Jun 22 2009, 11:09 pm
Beautiful <333
Commented by sarahsays
Mon, Jun 22 2009, 11:38 pm
very nice
Commented by pereza0
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 12:21 am
Commented by ArtGod
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 12:40 am
OMG! That is really really good! but whats with the title?
Commented by DarkGenic
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 12:45 am
crazy sik!
Commented by subst
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 01:24 am
great skillz ^ ^
Commented by firecream
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 01:55 am
whoaa thats really something!!! do u need help with the title? id say cigar break :}
Commented by firecream
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 02:08 am
nvm.. all ur drawings have similar titles xD
Commented by fapfapfap.
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 03:35 am
wow. very very good.
esp. the cigarette.
Commented by devonaire
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 07:06 am
Commented by Steven
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 07:30 am
Lexiiiii is back :O where have you been hiding out
Commented by ghujka
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 12:26 pm
i want wings too
Commented by Meryl
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 03:31 pm
very nice reproduction
Commented by MagicMarker
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 06:56 pm
Commented by Alexinindy
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 08:30 pm
Commented by drums.
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 09:36 pm
Commented by Lexiiiii
Tue, Jun 23 2009, 09:55 pm
@xeroxz i added smoke in but i guess its too subtle to see lol
thanks for the comments guys
Commented by Wewfie
Wed, Jun 24 2009, 12:39 am
Wow Lexi, you are just amazing
Commented by Jonathan
Wed, Jun 24 2009, 09:00 am
oh look, Wewfie's alive! ...RUN
Commented by Paleiko
Thu, Jun 25 2009, 03:35 am
Some amazing details - the cigarette, the scrunched eyes..... The colors are spot on, they look so warm and alive. great reproduction. Great softness to everything.
Commented by Concept
Fri, Jun 26 2009, 09:02 am
man, that's sweet, i like ones like this that leave no trace of it being done with the iscribble tools, it's so smooth and crisp, fantastic!
Commented by Evileve
Fri, Jun 26 2009, 06:49 pm
Commented by Mr.Simple
Sat, Jun 27 2009, 01:40 am
wow this is just like the pic WOW its looks so real!
Commented by firecream
Sat, Jun 27 2009, 09:26 am
whoaa my title :D awesomee thanks lexii i feel honored ;3
Commented by chailoe
Sat, Jun 27 2009, 10:53 am
this is really nice :) i just think it's funny to see that three people have voted this a two, and all the others gave it a six. you've got some haters, or there's some really jealous people. ;)
Commented by HelloYou
Fri, Jul 3 2009, 12:40 pm
Lol the guy lost his sunscreen? BEAUTIFUL drawing absolutly amazing details!
Commented by Annabeth
Sun, Jul 5 2009, 01:08 am
whoa AWSOME! looks real! :D
Commented by smarty3000
Mon, Jul 6 2009, 12:33 pm
friggin amazing
Commented by SmART
Mon, Jul 6 2009, 03:09 pm
way to go lex
Commented by Ybur
Tue, Jul 7 2009, 03:15 am
lex have I told you that you're a sexy beast lately?
Commented by Lexiiiii
Wed, Jul 8 2009, 04:30 pm
can't say you have
Commented by Ybur
Fri, Jul 10 2009, 01:59 am
remind me to repeat that statement when I bump into you again
Commented by skechergirl
Mon, Aug 10 2009, 08:11 am
was this really drawn?
Commented by Annabeth
Wed, Aug 26 2009, 06:54 am
ya .-. duh
Commented by Mek
Fri, Aug 28 2009, 01:28 am
somtimes i wonder if they just copy an image on to the board but with this one you can tell ^^ i love it its just sooo ahh amazing
Commented by cagilled
Sat, Sep 19 2009, 10:51 pm
Commented by Yarn
Sun, Sep 20 2009, 04:42 am
Holy *. Well done! XD
Commented by Kamano
Sat, Sep 26 2009, 11:40 pm
holy moly! O_O
Commented by Beta
Sun, Sep 27 2009, 08:26 am
I love you for using Bill Hicks as a reference! <3 <3
Commented by tapersteve
Wed, Oct 7 2009, 01:08 am
ITS A PHOTO it must be :O
Commented by Arrietachan
Sun, Oct 11 2009, 04:08 am
I think I just died from the realness.
Commented by Swampness
Tue, Oct 13 2009, 01:38 am
6:D epic
Commented by Swampness
Tue, Oct 13 2009, 01:38 am
6:D epic
Commented by eyelash
Wed, Nov 25 2009, 10:24 pm
Commented by Hyrule
Sun, Dec 6 2009, 01:40 am
What. How the. Wait. Hmm.
Stop being so amazing e_e
Commented by MeltDizney
Mon, Mar 29 2010, 03:10 pm
bill hicks = win
Commented by little-hercy
Sun, Apr 4 2010, 10:34 am
wow! you the **** do you get that good??? o.o mine looks like a blob compaired with this lol
Commented by TheKid
Sun, Apr 11 2010, 12:47 am
Even managed to do the smoke! Amazing!
Commented by Mr.Mushroom
Mon, Jul 12 2010, 06:16 pm
I love this the most <3 How someone could ever give this less than 6!
Commented by tchela
Tue, Jan 11 2011, 04:16 am
Commented by sm0k3m3
Sun, Sep 25 2011, 06:27 am
OMG i think my ***** just dropped.
Commented by Verdazzle
Wed, Dec 28 2011, 08:25 am
It reminds me of Leo DiCaprio, a little bit. xD So amazing. *o*