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Presenting the official tutorial to do cool text like LotusClock. Now boys and girls you will all be able to do very cool text like me. This is 100% hand-made. No scripts were used for any of the making of this tutorial. [keywords:I've been asked many times how is my text done. This scribble overviews three techniques for pixel drawing on iScribble, which is the base of putting text in your pictures, and includes a guide to the font I use, which is the one you see in the chatbox at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy. 1) Zoom in and use the Brush tool at size 1. Easy to figure out and intuitive, I would normally recommend it but the Brush tool behaves oddly in iScribble. It creates two faded pixels, forcing you to constantly erase stray pixels. When you publish, well... one look at this text should convince you how wrong it can go. Use it for training only. 2) Sculpt the letter from a solid block. My usual method. Hard but effective. Draw a thick line. Use the size 1 eraser to dig out the letters. like this. If you accidentally erase a good pixel, draw a small spot over the hole and retry. Oops Oops Oops. Create a mask on a upper layer. Fairly easy and convenient, but uses two layers. Apply your color. On the layer above, apply a masking color. Now scratch the mask away with size 1 eraser. Easy, uh. Make sure the mask blends with the background, unlike here. Rate 6 plz. There is always a distance of one pixel between letters and four pixels between words. Blue pixels overlap that distance. LotusClock]

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Commented by Fygget

woohoo :D

Commented by Andy

I told ya Lotus, you're crazy!!!!

Commented by shwa

rad! :D

omg freaking awesome

Commented by scimmia

omg great :D

i still dont get it.. :'( cant u just write the letters and be done with it??! i dont get the background/mask thing. :(

Commented by pancake


Commented by sue


Commented by Rebecca


Commented by Prrrr

You rock! :D

Commented by knick

O.M.G. Damn you're good! Great tutorial. I have to learn this. Although I'm just as confused as MagicMarker :)

Commented by knick

Umm...what category for this? :D

Commented by Hayden

you should try going outside some time. ...

Commented by Kamano


Commented by MayB

Yes, I think there is a need for a new gategory from now on :)

Commented by Calypso

Bloody Hell! Excellent work!

good...but not my kinda art...w/e lol

Commented by ink

u typed "Rate 6 plz", so i did it ;)

TEH BEST! x3 You are the text god ;D

Commented by Ybur

hahahhaa, this is fantastic lotus :P It must have taken you ages! and I love that you added small examples WITH cursors. 6 for effort bud :D

orochi is jealous....

Commented by Wewfie

lmfao go Lotus xD

all i have to say is... dayum...

Commented by Kamano

310801 segments wahahaha! amazing

lol knick^^ i think most ppl are.. im not THAT stupid :P

Commented by knick

{{{{MagicMarker}}}} XD

Yay. I get it now :) Lotus helped. Thanks!♥

lol nice

I love you, lets make BABIES! ...Or not, just make more "Out of the Box" type stuff like this. Very Original. You so rock.

you are crazy. 6

Commented by Smoo

Absolutely mind bogglingly genius! Wow at you! :D

I did it!! Woa it actually worked...thanks teach. :)

Commented by Kat

Completely awesome! =O.O= It's hard to imagine, but you probably don't even need to look at a pixel guide anymore. :P I'm sure you zoom right through it like you were typing it... except it takes a lot longer. XP I suppose my 6* doesn't even matter at this point, haha!

Amazing i can now draw letters :S hmm that diddn't sound write :D definatly a 6

Commented by Meryl


Commented by bleep

Hehe, finally a good use for the crappy pixelly eraser-tool ;) Welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Commented by dbzmm1

I like that tutoral what a guy

Commented by pine

this is something new..?

Will there be a tutorial for serif fonts as well?

Commented by gemmar

You did the mousey things perfect too! I actually got confused about which was mine a coupla times... definitely a 6

Commented by Nizzle

wow.... very cool. I love the mouse pointer:D

i tried couldnt do it

Commented by vgking

omg, amazing tutorial, great pic, awesomeness in picture form!

Commented by pancake

i couldnt do it too :(

i actually tried using this... and it worked!!!! <3333 lotus

Commented by Javin

a little bit too much time on your hands.

Commented by sock

i saw the mouse pointer arrow on the pic, and thought it was mine, i started to panick, moving my touchpad faster and faster and it wouldnt move :| i realised.... yes.. that it was not my actual mousey pointer arrow thing. HOT PISS!

Commented by Brie

niceee!!! :D it worked for me!

:O MASTER.. You get the Jimi doll for free!!1

Commented by Rebecca

worked :)

Commented by zhaxion

worked and also dude your crazy lol :):D

Commented by Melyn


Damn Lotus... you've got game..

Commented by apoco66

Your mouse arrows kick ass!

lotus did one that said newbie for me he/she tried to show me but i didnt get it

it was good there could have been a lil more info but i say its good

Very impressive I'll admit, you must've been bored out of your mind! Couldn't rate 6 tho cuz I like pictures more than text sry :(

this musta taken SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG. *Lifts kilt to lotus' patience*

that is awesome! :D

You're bloody nuts. I can't imagine how long this must have taken. Totally 6'd.

thanks again for doing this...i use this for whenever i need text :p

Commented by nillor

me2 :D the easy way is by using circles

This is awesome! I'm so keeping this available so i can use it on my drawings! Although i wouldn't consider this art, it's deffinitly useful and contributes to the art of others so they can make theirs better. So I rate this a 6! XD

That rocks!!!!!!! Wow, I oughta try this! Ty :D

Commented by S22K

how long did that take??!!! wow!!

Commented by azam91

Awesome Tutorial. But the easy way of doing is to - ZOOM IN all the way, then instead of using the brush tool use circle tool. Using this method, you don't have to worry about Step 2 and Step 3 of this tutorial.

Just to make this tutorial all the more awesome, I have to contribute to the long line of comments and say I just tried it today and succeeeeeded. >D

helps alooot


The mouse thing was very creative, looks exactly like the real thing

Commented by Koyu19

Awesome! XD Thanks for showing me again. I will definately use it!

Commented by z0mg

It's easier with the circle tool, if you have it :D

wow cool it took me a while to figure out why there were giant letters but then i figured out thats the pixels then i figured out how u do it :3

This is great! Another good way is to use the circle tool on size one to make a pixel ^_^

*bows down* and gives a 6!

Commented by Prrrr

<3333333 :DI

Totally just used this for a drawing. Thanks for the ref!

Commented by Sara295

o______________o omg!

Commented by rapter

what about numbers :o?

Commented by Satomi

amazingly helpful. great job!!

thanks this helped me alot!!

Commented by PivotDK


Very helpful

Commented by Ume

oh wow, you actually made me read, 6:D

Commented by kataang


Commented by GunJack

WIN!!!! 6:D

epic win :D

Commented by DeJay

It helped me make any pixel. 6:D

Commented by Filly

really helpful thanks loads :)

Commented by Caitshy

thanks so much I cou;dn't do it but my mate showed me this :3

Commented by Concept

sweet, lol sneaky little 'rate 6 plz'

Commented by naruto23

awesome ^^ it helpped me alot and btw do u remember me lotus my name used to be kilala on here but then i left for a year and neva came back XD

/cry This is so wonderful. You are amazing, sir. I never have to type out [what I want to write] on paint ever again. Totally sixed.

Commented by Capoyi

Haha this is clever xD

Now I know how! Great job! -clapclap-

thanks for this it has really helped me out with my pixeling 6:D

thanks, this is amazing. It's the best help with writing i've ever got

Holy moly, O_O its so amazing, i know by experience that its really hard to do text, cause whenever a letter messes up in a word...its totally ruins it, but this is a perfect writing tutorial - WITH perfect writing!

Commented by Yarn

You are a beast. XD

O-o-onl-y t-two -d-d-d-ays?!@#$ 6:D 6:D 6:D 6:D 6:D 6:D :lol: :lol: I love it sorry. ;)

This was SOOO helpful! 6:D

thx!!! rated 6 :P

Commented by coca136

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (P.S. I rated 6 :P) :D

Commented by iORLY

So helpful! rated 6! :D

whoa thats awesome rated 6 6:D This helped alot you are the master at pixeling.


Commented by tici

whoa that's is awsome 6:D from me

Verynice. c:

i would have died if i did not know how everyone else did this.

This is amazing! holy O.,O

Commented by pancake

Every time lol. I cant belive it took you two days :O

I love you :D

Simply. Un-bel-ive-a-ble -singsong voice-

Commented by Mixxy

that must have taken u AGES!

greaat job! now i know how evry1 writes liek that XD

greaat job! now i know how evry1 writes liek that XD

Commented by torakk

I keep coming back to this for reference... Thanks! You're awesome!

your so talented for finishing tis in 2 days

Commented by Fouex

I'm voting it down. He forgot a bunch of letters like ö and ä and ï and he should at least include the arabic alphabet. jk ;) pretty neat eyy?

Commented by Alixx

whoa. You're REALLY good!!!!! :D

I absolutely love you for this. Awesome job~ 6/6

Commented by Grief

i rated it 6..but it deserves an 8 :O

Commented by Leopard

nice :)

is nothin beneeth but sal

and mu underating

Awesome :S now i just need one to show me how to do numbers and symbols X_X

THANK YOU!!! I'm pretty good at this, but I forgot how to do m's XD This helped me! :D

Commented by Leopard

Thanks for that :3

Commented by Amor

wow... that must have taken like so long. its really cool. good job :)

Commented by Hearn

Really helpful. I thank you for it.

<b> It took like...2 days...o-o

6:D Amazing! 6 stars! :lol: :DI

Bookmarked :-) I use this all the time :-)

Commented by tiger15

this is so good its scary. O_O SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!

Whoa! Pixels are awesome! I love to pixel!

you must have a non stress job or family lol i would have gone nuts if i did that 6/6 stars from me ;)

Wooow. You're awesome. Do you know that? You're also a wacko.

:lol: nice :D

3 words. You.Are.AWESOME! :D

Commented by SlowLuna

confuzzled :D but thanks! i can write so much better now (:

AmAzInG. I gave up my bubbly font for this one, and it's easy to remember!

OMG that must have taken FOREVER ****** Very good :)

Commented by Maple


Commented by Nad-Kat

AWSOME O-o i love it 6 stars !

Commented by punky14

Wow, amazing! Great work!

LOL W FAIL!!! but you did a great job 6 stars!!!

Commented by Maple

Oh well, I commented already XD 6:D Great job

HOLY CRAP awesome =D!

Commented by AbbyAnn

Love this its AWSOME!

NUMBERS! i'd love to see a numbers tut too!! 10/10 on the ABC ^-^ really helpful thanks..

hoooolllllyyyy :) :D luv it

Commented by Otoku



Commented by Lati

Wow, and you made this on iScribble. Must've been a friggen' pain. -applauds-

omg! this is sooooo great! O___________O

Commented by Maximaus

Wow, looks good, but unfortunately I can not understand it Englsich and therefore not .. Could someone translate for me in German? It's great!

Commented by ghujka

not anymore ._.

I use this tutorial alot ! 6 stars !! :):)

Commented by potaeto

*fixes crooked line*

Commented by Maple

lalallalalalallala >:)<:)

Commented by Maple

<:) >:(

Commented by Jonathan

I hate you for the chaos that you have brought to the pixel boards, Lotus

Thats incredible XD This must've taken hours to do... good job :)

Commented by MeriLu


This is really great Lotus. This helps me alot. 6 is my vote :)

This is really cool. I voted 6. :P

Commented by Ikas16

woah you pixeld all this for us thank you very much. it helpd alot

iScribble seems to no longer have the pen acting weirdly thing.

Starting Time Sun, Mar 18 2007 10:39 am Ending Time Tue, Mar 20 2007 02:49 pm It took you ..only...2.....Days....OMG THATS IS AWESOME <:) This is getting a 6:D from me! :D

Commented by Yazzy21


sweet man...effort and time pays off.

This is epic! It helped me a lot! Six Stars for you~!cx

Commented by mocoa

awesome really helps on pixel boards!i'll rate 5 stars :P

Wow. It must have taken forever. Truely one of the best iScribble's has ever seen, ever. Thank You.

Commented by xHazel

Wow. I wanna make my own chart one day on my text. It's that inspiring xD i love yout text and if I could remember how to do it all, i'd do it anywhere I could. This is amazing. and besides.. who DOESN'T like pixeling letters? xD

Commented by Yamuki.

2 days? damn xD

this helped me out a lot. thanks :) well done.

Commented by Sla4k

<:) Cool!

Commented by mapcep

<:) Cool!

Commented by LTP

<:) Cool!

Wow! This is helpful, I actually use it all the time but don't think I've ever commented! Now if only there was one for numbers...

Commented by desuwai

6:D Gee, 2 days!?!?!

this is epic it would take me like a thousand years to make half of this.... and YOU did it in two days.... o_______0

this is amazing very cool

XD thats crazy dude! i wanna try that! im off to it now! i might even publish it! i dunno what to write tho XD

i know how to make text easier then that and it looks pretty good! im putting on a tutorial for it.... :)


This is really cool. And this took two days?! Wow. I've never known that this drawing could take so long. Must've worn you out from it anyways. But this is really awesome. Six out of six stars.

Commented by Audreyx

I don't understand.

wow its awesome! make a cursive text tutorial!

Amazing !

This is now the only type of text I use. <3


love this great for pixeling name in drawing games!

the mouse crusor actually fits the on on my computer..... :DD geniuse you.

That is freaking amazing.

Commented by Equine

The way you did that is really epic! <3 I totally find this helpful and exceptional.

thx, this was rlly useful

Really great. XD I didn't even think about the cursors or how the didn't need to be there...for a while. Nice touch.(;

HOLY CRAP. This is beyond awesome!~

this only took 2 days??? some commited person...!

yay! Now I have something to show to n00bs!

this is amazing :D

its taken 4 hours and ten minutes! omfg

and 2 days

Commented by Jenelle

Нифига!!!)))Красиво!)Вы молодцы!!:D

How long did this take you?! it is AMAZING :D

amazing!thank so much

:O:O:O:O:O:O omg that is r8 goooooooood and i found it helpfull thankyouuuuuuuuuuu <3



That mouse just got you a 6

Well, I use the brush to pixel and i don't drag it i just click for each pixel

I spent several minutes lining my mouse up with the drawing....I was successful. xD

Commented by baemax

Before finding this, I sucked at pixeling text. This helped a lot! Thanks! 6:D

Commented by milomi

It's not the font anymore QQ

Commented by wulfy

this tutorial looks even cooler with the playback option added!