FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I didn't get my activation email. Can you resend it please? / When will I get my activation mail?

2. I can't log in. / I only see the iScribble logo and 3 squares. What can I do?

3. Why do I frequently lose connection?

4. Someone stole my password / My account is still logged in on a remote computer.

5. I get the message "404 Not Found" at login / I have been banned. What now?


6. When will I become a reg?

7. How do I use the advanced tools? What do they do?

8. What are my rights as a Guest / Restricted User / Regular User?

9. How do I change my username?

10. How does the friends system work?

11. What do I get for donating?


12. How do I publish?

13. What are the requirements for a drawing to be accepted into the gallery?

14. Where did my drawings go?

15. Why can’t I rate certain drawings?


16. How do I report?

17. How do I become a mod?

18. What is a +Warn / Power User?

19. I’m dissatisfied with one of your mods. What should I do?


20. What am I allowed to draw?

21. What is your policy on Roleplaying (RP)?

22. What is your policy on nudity?


23. What are the commands?

24. What are the hotkeys?

25. How do I type smileys in comments? / What other types of formatting is there?